FWIW, even if no company out there has the budget to fully fund my development work, it would still be helpful if they could put me (& family) on some kind of health or dental insurance; or even cover expenses for a conference here or there...


I really appreciate the work you have done on the #Bitcoin protocol. You are as prolific as they come for Bitcoin devs and I hope someone with sponsor your work.

Please DM me an address as I would like to make a small contribution to support your efforts.

@lizard @lukedashjr Luke is on GitHub sponsorship program, FYI in case you want to donate via fiat which is he would want if he is looking for health insurance.

@lukedashjr do you have a paynym that I can use to donate?

@lukedashjr I didn’t know that. Should I stop using them? What’s wrong?

@max_1337 It spams the blockchain with out-of-band privacy-harming negotiation stuff and is otherwise poorly designed.

What else could be the goal of this ecosystem; so I will do my bit too.

Great work; thanks again. Stay healthy, you and your fam.

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