1954, Pope Pius XII officially expels Montini (future "Pope" Paul VI) from the Vatican and exiles him.

Pius XII takes this drastic step so that the KGB mole could no longer interfere in Vatican affairs, his secret correspondences having led to many priests being apprehended behind the Iron Curtain.

"Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism", by the Frs. Radecki, p. 250

First order of business when Modernist Roncalli ("Pope" John XXIII) takes over the Vatican:
Get KGB mole Montini back into "good standing" and elevate him to "cardinal" almost immediately (within 2 months).

@lukedashjr has catholic church been running true shadow leadership in the background, or did continuity to St Peter end at Vatican II?

@BereanBitcoiner There hasn't been a pope since 1958, but the bishops have continued condemning Modernism and preserving apostolic succession absent a pope.

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