Time's up on for me.
Not going to continue isolation - it's not worth it anymore.
This has gone on too long, COVID is mostly passed, and worst case we have treatments now.

I was around other people today.
Without a mask.

(Still going to take it gradual though)

@lukedashjr I've been a "vulnerable patient" for my entire adult life.
I used to get really sick and catch the worst flus and pneumonias you could imagine (almost died of it once). UNTIL this fake pandemic. Thanks to Orange Man Bad I heard of some "forbidden medicines" that changed my life.
Never masked, never (covid/flu) jabbed. And never been more healthy in my life.
I am supposedly the kind of people to be "protected" from the "virus" by the rest of the population, because of my lung condition. And yet I eat street food every day in a dirty crowded place. Every day, since the beginning. People don't mask over here. Very crowded. It's been almost two years already.
It's all a lie! there is no virus! I am the living proof. I am the evidence.
Enjoy your life freely and never forget how they stole one year of your life.

@mystik Who is "they"? The scientists who confirmed the virus exists, spreads, maims and kills, etc?

@lukedashjr Yes, they lied.
The idea of a "corona virus" has been around since the sixties. And now we can confirm that it's wrong.

Also it's never been isolated. The first tests were made out of a memo coming from China. There were never vials with the real stuff. It's all made up.

@lukedashjr you are 100% not alone in being so over it #COVID but please be cautious when gathering in social settings. It’s not just about us but someone with health vulnerabilities that may mot do so good if infected with the virus. Regardless of what’s available to treat it.

@anotherlooktake2 I'm one of those people with health vulnerabilities.

I'm also not responsible for anyone other than my family.
Nobody else here has ever cared about COVID anyway.

@lukedashjr @anotherlooktake2

And I think this would be a good time to point out that exactly ZERO research has gone into figuring out the precise factors, genomic and otherwise, which makes the majority of people UTTERLY UNAFFECTED and over 90% of people only mildly affected by infection with sars-cov-2.


Where's the test for that?

Wouldn't you like to know?

They clearly don't, they'd rather have you anxious, afraid.

@IceCubeSoup @anotherlooktake2 I don't imagine that's practical to determine with current medical science.

@lukedashjr @anotherlooktake2

Apparently, creating a vaccine that is other than basically worthless also meets that criteria.

So why not spend the money pushing medical science forward, instead of treading water with these ridiculous and ineffective mandates, and questionable "vaccines"?

@IceCubeSoup @anotherlooktake2 No mandates here. But my precautions have been very effective, despite nobody else abiding by them.

Modern science has created numerous effective vaccines too - just not COVID ones available to the public.

@lukedashjr @anotherlooktake2

How do you know your precautions have been effective? You have no idea if sars-cov-2 is actually a threat to you, specifically. In spite of your health vulnerabilities, you may be one of those who simply isn't affected by this particular virus.

You and I may have both been infected by sars-cov-2, and our immune systems cleared the virus, without either of us even knowing it happened.


Of course there have been many vaccines which are worthwhile.

Please don't fall into the trap they've set: they have characterized any criticism of these defective products as being "anti-vax". I can't tell you how many vaccines have been administered to me over the years.

And I'm not sure what you mean by "modern" science. The polio vaccine was created before I was born.

Is the science we are doing now going to be considered "modern" by observers in 2095 ?

@IceCubeSoup My point is we have the technology to create working vaccines.

It just hasn't been done for COVID yet.


I agree. But given the track record that exists over the last few decades trying to come up with vaccines for corona viruses, including sars-cov-1, it isn't surprising that we are faced with this complete clusterfuck of half assed effectiveness and a gurgling cauldron of adverse effects.


The attempts to create a vaccine for sars-cov-1 failed... and those failures should have taught us to expect the slow motion disaster we are seeing now.


So, in response to your first sentence, "we have the technology to create working vaccines" :

Well, no. Not in the case of corona viruses.

Yes, in general. Very much so. But no in this particular sticky situation.


No. sars-cov-1 did indeed sink into irrelevance. But it is my understanding that the trials failed with ugly results. Between that, and the fact that the thread from sars-cov-1 receded, interest in further research along these lines dropped off, since it didn't seem like it was going to pay off.


I don't remember if this vax
trial failure was directly related, but there is a phenomenon called "Antibody dependent enhancement", wherein the vaccinated organism seems to be fine, but then things go haywire, and when exposed to the virus against which the vaccine was made for, they get infected anyway and the immune response goes haywire and the symptoms are exaggerated, ending in a fatality.

Lots of other really WEIRD things happen. All the easy viruses have been taken.


And, scientifically speaking, a trial in which a vaccine was found not to be safe and/or effective, is a SUCCESS. Because in the effort to learn something, something has indeed been learned.

It is a failure in the sense that the desired outcome, that of a good vaccine moving forward, was not in the result set.

So we call these trials with disappointing or disturbing results "failures", when in fact they've succeeded in preventing something dangerous from moving forward.

@lukedashjr best to you yours holidays and beyond. Also consider each one you come in close contact is member of a family, if not your household. Potential if I infect an individual who goes on eventually home to potentially infect others and so on. Public health broadens our responsibility to those outside our immediate realm of responsibility to engage in respectful protection of others rights. Oh and eat plenty of pie:)

@anotherlooktake2 @lukedashjr

This is false.

Vulnerable patient here. Just came from eating sea food in a restaurant, very crowded place, there's usually place to dance, but today it was so crowded that the waiters could barely walk between the tables and chairs. Two large families with friends and kids (you know, those small super-spreaders that can't be legally vaxxed?) put many tables together. No one was masked, not even the waiters. The jukebox was so loud that we couldn't hear each other, everyone yelling at each other, me, the families, the waitresses, the cashiers, the people waiting for tables... everyone.
I've been doing this for over a year already (remember, I'm a vulnerable patient). I never masked (not even once), never covid/flu jabbed. So please explain to me how the fuck am I still alive?

@mystik @anotherlooktake2 Could be divine providence. Could be you got it and didn't notice (which says nothing about whether you have long-term damage). Could be you're just immune.

@lukedashjr @anotherlooktake2 I've got "it" (flu symptoms, never "tested", never gonna do it) like four times, over the last two years.

Diseases are real. The notion of a lethal pathogen going around killing people is false.

@lukedashjr Covid’s been over for me since March 2020. I tossed my mask in the trash, held many get-togethers last year as well. I don’t live my life according to the illusory idea of authority.

@lukedashjr if you still wear a mask when you don’t have to, truth me told, you’ve effectively been brainwashed. At this point it’s a psychosis.

@jakub @lukedashjr sorry, to spoil the party, we will at some point know who's effected and what's really going on, to have been cautious wo/ medication was surely a wise move.
Is it now wise to be total careless? I guess not.
We hear of a lot of value Health professionals that commit suicide bcs they can not bare being part of what they believe is a genocide. The spike proteins whether produced by the virus or the vaccine attack the telomers, i am almost sure we will see a lot of cancer soon.

@lukedashjr well, except for the first 2 months I lived my life normally over the pandemic, spent many nights partying with my friends in crowded places, no mask, no vaxx, etc... Nothing. A couple of my friends got COVID and only had very mild symptoms. 1 old person from my family had a pretty bad COVID case, she had to stay in bed for 2 weeks.

Also, 3 of my friends had a bad reaction to Pfizer, one of them needed hospitalization and is still dealing with serious issues.

This thing is a mess.

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