Is there a simple way to RT things from Twitter onto Mastodon?

@lukedashjr There are some, but I usually just block people that just repost their Twitter. I'd recommend posting separately.

@anarchist In Subway Tooter, that looks nice. But on Mastodon, it's just a link.

@lukedashjr yeah it ain't ideal and it ain't the easiest possible interface but jack isn't in the business of enabling his competition so it's likely the best available at the moment

@openoms @lukedashjr

Here's another one i've used in the past to good effect:

I stopped using it because I wanted to get off Twitter entirely.

@openoms Very underdocumented, and looks like something I might be interested in, but not what I'm asking about here :)

Generally, I'd like to post things on Mastodon, and get a reminder N minutes later to repost it to Twitter with a link to the Mastodon post on the end.

But if I see something retweet-worthy on Twitter, I'd like to be able to retweet it on both Twitter *and* Mastodon in a nice format.

@openoms Ideally something I can run locally and customise

@anarchist @lukedashjr don't think so, I hear you have to make an NFT in order to do that

@lukedashjr idk, it's tried and true. best UX is the one ya don't have to learn coz it works the same everywhere.

@cryptoquick copying the text into your toot works better everywhere

@lukedashjr @cryptoquick personalized script or macro, something like that? don't have to deal with API middle men

@Facile @lukedashjr Yeah! Maybe an extension with a button that embeds next to a tweet and when clicked copies the text of the tweet between two quotes and a link to the original.

Seems like a mastodon client (or the server, at least until it gets rate-limited) could mine the tweet from twitter and display it or its text when it sees twitter links.

What if nitter could be built into a mastodon client? Then the whole tweet thread could be loaded in.
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