Twitter finally unbanned me this morning.
But they didn't admit wrongdoing or say it won't happen again.

Let's keep Mastodon alive and growing as the primary social media network, and use Twitter only as a fallback to interface with normies? ;)

@lukedashjr good to hear, still ominous af

are there any other limitations on your account or is it back to normal?

@lukedashjr happy for you, it looked like you were really missing it. See you until the next ban!

@pamaca Going to try to keep this as my primary social media ;)

@lukedashjr Glad to hear that! There are tools to automatically crosspost on Twitter


Glad to hear! Need more freedom loving voices here rather than that tyrannical bird site.

ban was bs, but you really think jack owes you an apology?

@lukedashjr That's what the guys did.
You could also use a bot to mirror posts (both directions).

@lukedashjr so you just had a run of the mill suspension?

I'd collect at least two a month. Spend some time getting folks over here, its frrreeeeeeee.

@beachbardave It was a permanent suspension, that they finally caved on.

@dubh But if I say ActivityPub nobody will understand me

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