To those who are saying I should have made a separate account for the whole COVID or vaccine topics, keep in mind Twitter did not merely ban my account: they banned my person, including all accounts I make either prior to or in the future.

Having a separate account would not have changed anything.

In fact, I just noticed they didn't suspend only my personal account, but also suspended @[email protected] as well!


I also have evidence this cross-ban was NOT based on access IP address.

Considering that the user who baited me deleted his own account, and the unlinked Bitcoin Knots account was also banned, it seems likely this was a setup intentionally targeting my work! :/


Do you have a theory as to why they would target you?

Many people have tried to get Jack's attention regarding your ban and he is ignoring them.

@lizard Lots of Bitcoin haters out there who especially hate me. Could be any of them.

@lukedashjr @lizard Your ban could be vaguely Bitcoin related, and you know what happened better than I do, but even so.. you should try looking at it from a different perspective:

- Thousands of people with 1 million+ followers have been banned from Twitter in the last few years
- People who have posted about their own "Covid" "vaccine" injuries have been banned, even accounts with <100 followers
- People have been banned for posting obituaries (of vaccine deaths)
- Then they came for you

@lizard @lukedashjr Bitching at Twitter for a ban is like bitching at your bank for recovering your funds.
Remember: Not your server, not your tweets.

@xorman @lizard Not remotely comparable, no.

"Not your server, not your tweets" doesn't work when Twitter enforces a monopoly over tweets.

That's like saying banks have a monopoly on banking, it's just network effect. You don't need your Twitter account having Mastodon just as you don't need your bank account having Bitcoin.
Monopoly or not the tweets were never yours.
I'm sorry for your ban and I hope this event would promote your engagement on decentralized platforms and hopefully others will follow suit.

@xorman You don't need an account with Chase to send money to your pal Fred who uses Chase.

You do need Twitter, to communicate with Twitter users, because Twitter blocks everyone who doesn't use Twitter.

@lukedashjr those are human beings that you are communicating with, not Twitter entities. There surely can be possible to communicate with using other means. Let's promote those other means, escape the walled garden.

@xorman How are you going to do that while Twitter is blocking those people from communicating with us?

@lukedashjr Twitter can not block people from creating a Mastodon account or sending an e-mail.
"it is profoundly ethically wrong to use a corporate social media site as a public square" dixit @waxwing

@lukedashjr since the *laws* they apply are pure corporate laws, easy to be bend if big shareholders would wave in, we at least now know what jack and subsequently square is or is not, devs sponsored by them should therefore consider, and ask themselves to whom they loyal, free speech and Bitcoin or what?

It's obvious what sinister plan they have if they silence you in this critical moment of the softfork, who ever works for them is a threat to Bitcoin, we should reconsider every PR they posted

@dflate We should always assume a PR could be a backdoor attempt and review it as such, no matter who submits it.

It's a given attempts will be made. It should be a red flag we haven't identified who specifically those actors are yet.

@lukedashjr sure, sorry such injustice make me emotional.

yep, we need more reviewers, rigid unbiased reviewers, and just do what we can as long as we can.

At least i see my strategy from Day one to never expose a single name has worked so far, if they ban 10 names and tel numbers or email addresses there are 100 or 1000 they still are not aware of, and all are me, and i can spun them of just on the fly, sorry that you lost a bit of your real name 🤷‍♀️

@lukedashjr btw, consumer PC's where not developed when i started that strategy, and ppl who know me by then said then i was total over the edge, i said to myself no, i red 1984 and Huxley and was sure what will come.
The only price for that I payed was to be a foo no one knows, but in my inner i know i changed the world like you did too, and I enjoy always the funny moments when i read old stuff they copy again and again and rub me under my nose as genius,while what *i* now write is lame. 🤣

@lukedashjr Miss you on Twitter.. many people are advocating for the remove of your ban. Hope we get there. There's so much history in your account.

@zndtoshi Curiously, Twitter's ban also prevents me from downloading my account data like users normally can...

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