Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

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@0xtr yep. Some idiot wasn't getting that government can't force vaccines so I spelled it out for him (that someone trying to do it will just get shot)

@lukedashjr lmao, people cheering for forced vaccines should be perma banned. Entitled fucks.

@lukedashjr @0xtr Jus do a new one @lukedashjr_jail 😂 I‘m at cell block 4 of twitterjail

@Biggiesmallz @0xtr Twitter's email said they will just re-ban any new accounts?

Besides, don't they demand KYC nonsense to make accounts now?

@Biggiesmallz @lukedashjr I think you’re required to provide a phone number now

@lukedashjr @Biggiesmallz @0xtr

Bird site needs to die.

I hope this means you'll be more active "here".

@lukedashjr @Biggiesmallz @0xtr

Yeah, it was looking good for a while but seems like activity had a bit of a downturn. Some good content on here though still, just have to look harder. 😀

@georgevaccaro @lukedashjr @Biggiesmallz @0xtr It’s been a while since mass censorship pushed people here. Seems they are realizing it works better to do it on an individual basis.

@lukedashjr @georgevaccaro @Biggiesmallz @0xtr In person is always better. They made us believe we could stay connected online, but it was all a ploy to disconnect us.

@lukedashjr @0xtr oh jesus christ, welcome on here, something very similar happened to me. I suggested we are going to need a way to find out who is vaccinated and who isn't, cause I don't want vaccinated people in my store. thing is, I don't have a store, but I got banned anyways. then they wanted my phone number and I just didn't bother anymore. f. twitter.

@lukedashjr I have a permanent ban on my account as well..

Managed to avoid it so far..use a burner number, and you cannot use the same name/handle. Maybe something similar, or even in a different order.

Change profile pic to be sure..I've inverted the colors in mine not sure if it's relevant..

Last account was banned instantly when I changed my name to match the previous one. Although the same name with 'the third' after was good..

Do not use the app but the web app, use a VPN etc

@btcbraj Sounds not worth the effort. My ~45k followers would still have to find the new account, and likely it'd just get re-banned anyway...

If people are going to find a new account, might as well make that be this Mastodon account and get it over with?

@lukedashjr @btcbraj been waiting here for you guys!
It's 100x better here, so far anyway.

Did they actually say it was a permanent ban? 🤯

@onryo They strongly implied it by linking "We will immediately and permanently suspend any account found to be posting violent threats." and the email says "Note that if you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts."

There are are lot of ppl on Twitter asking what happened. I posted a screenshot of your explanation from here to Twitter. You got a lot of fans who agree with what you said. It's not like it's not true either.

This was quite popular over there. If I get banned for it on Twitter... fine it's about time.

@lukedashjr @onryo

Twitter referring to its permanent bans as "suspensions" is pure dystopianism.

@lukedashjr That’s sucks. Twitter is terrible but the network effect is too strong.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” --- Frank Zappa

@lukedashjr is Mastodon is too cumbersome you could try Pleroma

@lukedashjr we are pouring out one for you on Twitter, friend. The world is unjust.

@lukedashjr we should do posts with an images of “From the desk of Luke Dashjr”

@ryanc Haha, I wonder what Twitter would do if someone started mirroring Mastodon accounts of banned users...

@lukedashjr @ryanc seems like an easy bot to author. ship it as a standalone daemon, not saas, so it's oauth is a new account the user created

@simulx @ryanc The difficult part will be handling replies by others

@lukedashjr I can get you reinstated if you want. Was also permanently banned.

@lukedashjr If your ban will be removed, you can use twitter <-> mastodon Crossposting system. I also do that just in case, to promote Mastodon

@lukedashjr everytime there is a censorship incidence etc. on Twitter we move over to Mastodon but after a couple of weeks no one cares anymore.

@tester Does Pleroma support native federation with Twitter?

Twitter ban aside, that's the one killer feature I could see making a difference...

@lukedashjr @tester no and you can fuck off thinking twitter should be federated full stop

@graf @tester Everything should be federated. (Or better yet, decentralised)

@lukedashjr @tester yeah so lets take twitter, a centralized entity and mash it into fediverse ballooning everyone's meager database storage size within 5 minutes from bullshit about kpop and muh black suffrage

you should effectively push more than 90% of fediverse out because they couldn't afford to store the text let alone anything else

@graf @tester What? Every instance has to store everything? That's crazy bad design.

And there's no reason it couldn't be optional anyway.

@graf @tester Not to mention I see far more garbage toots on the fediverse than on Twitter...

@lukedashjr @tester every instance stores every post it comes across in database to make loading faster for the people on that instance. you can set it crazy low and continually purge the database manually but yeah. thats how it works. twitter being federated via activitypub would be the nail in the coffin for 90% of the fediverse.

do not do this

@graf @tester You'd only "come across" tweets people are actually interested in... The alternative is people use Twitter instead of Mastodon/etc.

@lukedashjr @tester no. the alternative is to leave twitter the fuck out of fediverse not have hyperscaled mega instances. poast is one of them and I actively try to encourage my users to make their own shit.
@graf @lukedashjr @tester Not being ironic, I don't know the hardware requirements for stuff like this. Could I run a personal instance to view whatever in the federation off of Pi4? I'll accepted being called retarded if this is an overly retarded ask.

@DerSauerkraut @graf @tester In my hypothetical Twitter federation scenario, I would expect a personal instance (with Twitter federation enabled) to use not much more bandwidth than a typical Twitter client already does.

@DerSauerkraut @lukedashjr @tester if you use pleroma it actually functions great on Pi hardware. don't use mastodon
@graf @lukedashjr @tester Thank you. I will look at employing my Pi then. And after some of the stories I've heard about Mastadon I don't want to touch it lol.
I assume I'd need an external harddrive to store all the chat data?
@graf @lukedashjr @tester Okay. I assumed the Pi's 32GB card would be nowhere near enough. Thank you very much.
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