@lukedashjr Hmm interesting. Thanks for this Luke! Good practical point ""Yep, I upgraded for Taproot(eg). Wait, you mean I have
to do it AGAIN?" The added mess and confusion of LOT=false as default may defeat the purpose.

@GunnarStoedle @lukedashjr The setup of lot=true in BIP 8 would mean that if enough people run lot=true, they will force activation signaling so that lot=false users will also see taproot activated on the same chain.
What you're saying about potentially having a rough 2 weeks (or 4 if hashrate is split) of swapping between forks also counts for all un-upgraded nodes. There's a simple remedy: don't use taproot yet. For all other usages, your txs will confirm on either chain.
#bitcoin #taproot


@stevenroose @GunnarStoedle The chaos only happens if miners attack the old+False nodes. In the normal activation path, all the nodes work fine.

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