According to @lukedashjr's site, the number of (full) nodes has exploded in January 👀

Total nodes: From 47,258 to 84,903 (+79.7%)
Listening nodes: From 4,854 to 7,209 (+48.5%)

Does anyone have an explanation for this sudden rise? 🚀


@dilutionproof @lukedashjr I've seen many people running nodes, that may explain for a part of it.
I sometime have 100+ connections to my node.

@Iamtutut @dilutionproof @lukedashjr

Ah, great observation. Umbrel seems to be exploding from my perspective as well. Very simple and a really pretty UI. Running a node for a normal person!

@lizard @Iamtutut @lukedashjr Sounds like I’ll be buying an extra Raspberry pie 🥧 soon 😋

@lukedashjr @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut Not seeing it spelled out, or steps to exploit. Do you mean because it has proprietary closed source chipsets?

@Clashicly @lukedashjr @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut The Broadcom chip is closed hardware, so it could contain a hardware backdoor. The GPU runs a proprietary blob (firmware) who knows what it does. There's no solution until we get a complete open hardware + software SoC like RISC-V. I think it is still better than a classic intel machine (with Intel ME) and Windows 10. Unlikely that the rasp pi is a mass target for NSA and friends but theoretically possible. IMO the real spying is on OS lvl.

@joshirio @Clashicly @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut The "GPU" isn't really a GPU. It is the boss over the system, with full access to everything.

The cores they let you run Linux on are actually just coprocessors.

@Clashicly @dilutionproof @lizard @Iamtutut What makes you think anyone other than Microsoft and/or the NSA can exploit it?

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