Apparently thinks this violated their rules lol

Got a 12 hour ban out of it

(Removed on appeal, but still)

@lukedashjr So... Did you get an answer to your question ? Because I'm quite curious about it too now

@lukedashjr @Seccour yes you can have a heart attack going for long. It is basically when there is desynchronisation after a shock (like electric). Many times it resolves by itself, but sometimes it can last many days and suddenly you fall into infarctus after an effort (running up the stairs)

@Seccour @lukedashjr The heart attack itself wouldn't take that long. But having chest pain for days or even weeks prior to a heart attack is certainly possible:

@lukedashjr why the heck would we need approval by US billionaires to talk to people around the world who share interests with us?
Twitter is stone age tech

@lukedashjr Twitter has been getting painful to use. The policies are getting bad and their machine learning is totally inaccurate. Not possible to moderate at scale. I believe it is collapsing on itself. It must moderate and/or silo users to grow total user base, but their very policies/acts are driving away users. Those users tend to be the ones that foster the engagement. Without them it is a one sided echo chamber. At some point the other side will vacate as well.

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