Hi Guys, I've updated the BitcoinHackers.org About Page with more clear house rules and context.


cc mods @stephanlivera @lukedashjr @Mandrik @verretor @TallTim @zlok

@nvk @stephanlivera @lukedashjr @Mandrik @TallTim @zlok I think moving to another instance keeps me from moderating on bitcoinhackers because my account is locked.


@verretor @nvk @stephanlivera @Mandrik @TallTim @zlok Moving locks the old account? What if you wanted to move back? O.o

@verretor It just reactivates the old account once you get rid of the forward.

I think you might lose the people who followed you on your new instance of you where to revert back to your old bitcoinhackers account. Im not 100% sure on that. I never had a big enough following for it to matter.

I guess if you wanted to move back without to much disruption you could make your old account an alias of the new account and set up a redirect like you did when moving instances.

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