A new user on this instance was reported for scamcoinery, specifically regarding DXY (dollar index).

Is DXY a scamcoin? Should it be allowed here?

Please select "no opinion" if you don't want to look up what DXY is.

@lukedashjr well since the dollar is a shitcoin, we can assume DXY is also a shitcoin.

@lukedashjr why would we preclude discussion of the dollar?

Was this person telling people to buy shares of DXY?

@lukedashjr I think @nvk can decide and there’s no point in discussing what he should do.
I’m just glad he didn’t kick me out when I crashed his mastodon party.

@lukedashjr The poll confuses me. @nvk's opinion is the only one that matters. I like it here. I wish people would stop pissing him off.

@LibertyRex @nvk That may be, but it doesn't mean we can't discuss it😉

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