Why is the example used by Mastodon docs on how to block an entire server???

@lukedashjr I noticed that too while browsing through the documents.


@lukedashjr That's pretty odd. I think I follow most of the people here and I don't see content that would drive even the most hardcore leftists to block the whole server.

@alan8325 @lukedashjr leftism is an infinite gradient, it usually starts with honorable aims and goals, and always ends in gulag for oppressing someone by the way you look at them. it's a concept for broken people to reach for solace, but they will never actually reach it, and in the process wreck the world with their inherent misery. how I know? been a leftie before I bought some bitcoin :) bitcoin is the cure :D

@FreePietje @raucao @lukedashjr That's not the original commit - it just renamed the file from `image (61).jpg` to `block-domain.jpg`. I remember seeing this in the docs a few years ago already, this commit is 16 days old.

@kekcoin @raucao @lukedashjr
Yeah, it's surely more then 16 days ago. Sorry. I missed that it was a recent commit.

@FreePietje @raucao @lukedashjr It *might* be this one but it's pretty huge. Also it would mean my memory is off by a year or two wrt. when I saw it in the docs, but 2020 has felt like a lifetime so that's certainly possible.

@pete @lukedashjr Don't interpret too much into it for now. There are many contributors, and whoever approved this may simply not have cared enough to put time in to get it changed. I'd see what happens when opening a PR for updating this file:

It could use a higher-res version anyway. So someone on your instance can contribute to the actual project in a useful way by changing it.

@raucao @lukedashjr I have a fine arts degree, from a very left wing university, and I filed a lawsuit against someone who went by they/them. :)

@jb55 @lukedashjr Really hoping for more instances with non-commie admins hey! Need some proper network effect to grow this thing.

Would be nice if Conservative Twitter gave fediverse a try instead of hopelessly getting banned/taken down on parler etc...

@stephanlivera @lukedashjr they came here once and pretty much everyone banned them so they left lol. gab had federation support once but they removed it since it wasn't worth it.

It's a shame since I was following some conservative friends on gab from here.

@jb55 @lukedashjr yeah spot on, it would be so cool if the gab/parler guys could just interoperate with us and the other ppl on fediverse.

Do you think its an unrealistic pipe dream? Or perhaps they'll come around to it someday

@stephanlivera @jb55 You seem to have missed this bit: Gab switched to the Mastodon software, and when they did, started out as just another instance on the fediverse. But then they decided to completely drop out and block everyone else from federating with them.

@raucao @stephanlivera @jb55 Iiuc they still run their fork of Mastodon, just with federation disabled. Guess they couldn't cope with being in an adversarial network.

@kekcoin @raucao @stephanlivera @jb55 Feels more like a money thing. If people have to switch from Mastodon to GAB specifically, they get to sell ads or something.

@lukedashjr @kekcoin @raucao @jb55 Yeah that's a shame if that was the reason why. Understand they have to make a profitable business model around it, but maybe there were other ways they could have achieved that

@lukedashjr @raucao @stephanlivera @jb55 Hmmm maybe. I do know there's plenty of gab-compatible open-source mobile clients around, so if they serve traditional ads that wouldn't work. I guess they could just inject fake posts into the various timelines. And it honestly wouldn't surprise me if they were targeted by people who abuse the mechanisms of federation to fill up the federated timeline with BS.

@jb55 @lukedashjr - this was demonstrated last year when Gab joined the fediverse and many (most?) instances just jumped on the bandwagon of banning them for "hate speech".

@GrandVizierOfMalta @jb55 @lukedashjr Many instances also did not. Please try not to bring this divisive "us against them" crap over from birdsite. Gab decided to de-federate from everyone else, not the other way around.

@raucao @jb55 @lukedashjr - Yes, some did not but by far, the vast majority of larger instances did ban Gab...because they didn't like free speech. That's a fact - not an attempt to be divisive. Gab eventually de-federated themselves as it was pointless to remain.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @jb55 I think "the vast majority" is a bad guess and nowhere near proven fact. There's always a very vocal minority in culture wars like that, and they usually try to look like a majority. I don't see an obvious reason for Gab to stop federating, merely because some large instances blocked them. Why would that make it "pointless"?

@raucao @jb55 - I don't know exact numbers but I know from experience that every single instance I tried to connect with (including most of the larger ones that make up about 80%+ of all users) had banned Gab.

Mastodon founder Rochko, said, "If you join a major Mastodon instance right now, chances are you won’t be connected to Gab. "All the admins that I know, that I interact with myself, have already blocked Gab," says Rochko — including Mastodon.Social. "Essentially, they’re isolated.""

@raucao @jb55 -

APPL & GOOG banned them from the store & threatened to ban ANY Fediverse app that allowed them to connect.

They did everything their power to shut them down.
F-Droid banned them.
Their host banned them.
Their banks banned them.
Many more services banned them for no other reason than the fact that the CEO strongly supports liberty & free speech and will allow you to post anything that isn't illegal in the US. Oh, and he's also a bitcoiner.

@raucao @jb55 -

Now, he seems to just be building his own solution. I think that worrying about being interoperable with the fediverse was taking up energy that they diverted to other projects once they de-federated which is why I said at a certain point, it became pointless to focus on that.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @raucao @jb55 Nothing pointless about it. Many users relied on their federation.

@lukedashjr @raucao @jb55 - point taken. I think they were stretching their (dev) resources thin trying to remain interoperable which is why they abandoned fediverse and used those resources for other purposes?

@Andre @jb55 @lukedashjr - the #GOAT of the universe of Mastodon servers is “@M0YNG”. IMHO

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