What is with people moving to Parler? Seems like it's just as bad as Twitter... Why not here to Mastodon???

@lukedashjr you want all the far right Nazis here? No, let them feck off to parler so we don't have them here.

@der_bluthund @lukedashjr since your name is German I assume you are brainwashed by the fucked msm everywhere. Don’t make it so easy on yourself. People are not evil and sure they are not nazis especially when the media tells you to call them that. Use your head.

@lukedashjr I keep telling folks to read the fucking tos. How stupid do you have to be to go away from Twitter for the same thing all over again? Their shit says in the opening they only like the free speech they regard as such... thanks for the help HAHA

@lukedashjr glad to see someone else say that. I’ve been wondering the same.

@lukedashjr They don’t get decentralization. What if Parler was smart like Gab and joined the federation.

@bryancyan The fact that Parler didn't from day one IMO indicates malice on their part. I bet they're only holding back in order to grow.

@lukedashjr Mastodon. And self-hosted blogs. It's the only way.

@lukedashjr i tried to use parler but i dont have a phone number. pretty sure that's some sort of racism or something. now i know what it feels like.

@lukedashjr Didn't even know Parler until yesterday. Streisand effect.

But you are right. Bitcoiners should shill

@lukedashjr They even don't have their own servers, hosted on AWS, can be shut down very easy.

@lukedashjr Had a look at the Privacy Policy: KYC with gov't ID? WtF 😂
They claim of course they delete it "if they don't need it anymore"...sure

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