Reminder that part of the reason *fake* conspiracy theories are so common, is because the real conspirators are using them to help obscure and dismiss when people find out about their *real* conspiracies.

Not all conspiracies are fake.
Not all claims are unfounded.

@gchaincl Microsoft's 1990s anti-Linux conspiracy is well-documented, including leaks (the "Halloween documents")

@lukedashjr never heard about this one, will have a look. Anything more recent though?

@gchaincl I'm sure there are, but I don't spend a lot of time evaluating conspiracy claims. My point is simply that they can't ALL be dismissed entirely and outright.

@lukedashjr Not to mention that by prepending "conspiracy" was a tactic done by certain three-letter agencies to undermine its potential value. By evoking a mental image of a small group believing in something irrationally, they are trying to control its impact. Deliberate gas-lighting.

@lukedashjr It sounds like everything is a conspiracy nowadays. But most of the time people that have the same worldview and "class interest" (to talk as the Marxists) won't need a proper conspiracy to act in a coordinated manner toward some common goal

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