PSA: is written in C++, which is almost normal English.

If you're anxious to have deployed, reviewing the code can help.

BIP 8 (Versionbits v2):

@lukedashjr luke do you post your tweets manually here ? Or do you know a cool way of automating it ?

@vbhide I post manually here, then mirror it to Twitter manually.

@lukedashjr @vbhide

I use this crossposter to automatically post between Twitter and Mastodon.

You can write your messages in either and and it works very well.

@jcbrand @vbhide It's nice to be able to reflow toots to fit in Twitter's smaller space, though...

@lukedashjr Non-programming PSA: C++ only looks like english to those that program computers. To everyone else, its an abstraction-based language that requires building mental constructs that most normies find boring and non-essential.

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