@lukedashjr there must be a way for #bitcoin nodes to send no-fee tx.. at least one no-fee tx per month. Agree?

@vjy Nothing is stopping you from mining your own transactions without a fee, except centralised miners.

@lukedashjr I'm not sure I said that correct.. :)

There are 10k nodes, and 10M tx/month.. To encourage full nodes, I'm suggesting miners should include 1 no-fee tx from a node, every month..

That would be 0.1% of all tx or 0.1% block space given to nodes

@vjy There's nearly 50k nodes.

Problem with your idea is that nobody can prove they're using their own node.

@lukedashjr agree.. I don't even know this proof-of-node thing is feasible

@vjy If proof-of-node was feasible, we probably wouldn't have proof-of-work.

@lukedashjr what's proof-of-node other than proof-of-storage (utxo)?

One way is, node identity.. use utxo to identify nodes + PoS (nothing at stake, except utxo is 30 days old)..

Say, for example, ₿100k linked to nodes, and nodes can send 100k (1% of 10M) tx for free, then ₿1 node can send 1 no-fee tx per month, and so on

@vjy Sounds like coin-age priority, which Core removed (and Knots retains)

@lukedashjr @vjy
I don't understand this statement. What stops me from mining my own transaction is the infeasibility, considering variance, of mining a block with whatever tiny amount of hashpower I can muster.

With a very decentralized alternative to current pools (that addresses variance somehow), I see certainly a change to that situation, although it'd be kind of complex and not just "I mine my own txs if I want".

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