I hear bcashers are having a schism over whether to hardfork every 6 months or every 9 months.

Going to have to side with the 6monthers:

If you make it every 9 months, then babies conceived celebrating hardfork N will put the women in the hospital for delivery right when HF N+1 is activating, reducing manpower by half if something goes wrong...


@lukedashjr Agreed. Death to all authoritarian cultists, no matter whether christian or bcash.

@lukedashjr Obviously they need to fork every ten minutes to compete with Bitcoin.
I've noticed that they are dropping in traded volume and their tx volume is at all time lows.
Miner death spiral incoming? Only two large pools are propping it up with slivers of hashrate split among the smaller pools.

@TallTim @lukedashjr Has the hardfork that gives Craig all of Satoshi's coins on the BSV chain happened yet? Can't keep track.

@alan8325 Beats me, I think CSW is laying low since he's been screwing up in court lately. BSV hasn't been in the top 10 of traded token volume for a long time now. I think they're practically dead for all intents and purposes.

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