"Moreover, only three use cases account for more than 98% of all P2WSH-multisig transactions, namely the 1-of-1 (20%), 2-of-2 (17%), and 2-of-3 (62%) multisig variants."

That's very surprising; what are people using 1 of 1 p2wsh multisig for?! (I would have expected 2 of 2 to be relatively dominant due to LN).

@waxwing @lukedashjr We (oxt research) have started an investigation of these 1-of-1 addresses (code name Crazy1o1).

First results:



Since these tweets were published, we have identified ~3.7M of P2SH and P2WSH 1-of-1 addresses in this cluster and I think the final figure should be ~4M.

AFAICT, this entity has played a huge role in the last fee spike.

@laurentmt @lukedashjr oh! I heard about that (vaguely) but didn't make the connection. Thanks!

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