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> Why hasn’t the Bitcoin community formalized the consensus rules of the bitcoin protocol into a formal spec?
> The cynical view is to prevent competition with Core


The technology does not exist today to verify an implementation is faithful to a specification.

Due to the nature of consensus systems, it is necessarily the implementation that is authoritative.

To compete with Core, fork the consensus code.
Anything less is likely buggy.

@lukedashjr Is it possible to start over with a 20 year timeline to replace Bitcoin as we know it? Or is it just not possible to catch up to it’s adoption and growth? And ONLY hard forks are true potential competitors?

@ryanc I don't know if competing with Bitcoin is possible. I would have thought not, but Bitcoin's trend of failures might make an opening.

Hardforks are changes to Bitcoin, not a competitor to it.
(Note that Bcash and such are NOT hardforks at all.)

@lukedashjr Interesting. I thought of bitcoin cash as a hard fork, but I see your point. I still think the brand of Bitcoin is strong even if the protocol and community have weaknesses. What do you wish would happen? A new, better competitor to arrive eventually? Or Bitcoin transform overtime?

@ryanc If Bitcoin fails, there's no reason to assume any successor wouldn't also fail.

I'd think by working on Bitcoin it's clear I want Bitcoin to succeed...

@lukedashjr Yeah, I don’t see bitcoin failing at this point. It’s not like the community behind it hasn’t been around for a very long term... I see it as a market first. Bitcoin solves the needs of a market. I don’t see it going away anytime soon. We appreciate your hard work.

@ryanc Centralisation to yet another PayPal or fiat, is IMO a failure scenario.

@lukedashjr Do you think the elections were fair? Do you think that it’s distributed enough across states to ensure any irregularity would cancel out? There is enough checks in place? Or is it a sham and basically a “deep state” group that leveraged their power to influence several larger population districts?

@ryanc There's clearly major fraud going on... and as far as I can tell, before it began Trump has a clear win

As for "fair"... I'm no fan of democracy in general

@lukedashjr man it’s gotten wild here in GA, my home state. I’m in Brookhaven, GA (Dekalb county, Atlanta). We’ve got death threats to everyone involved in the election. It’s a bit scary. It’s the end times for US reserve status my friend. God speed in the new order! Lol. Hope you are doing well and have a nice Christmas.

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