Due to keyserver reliability issues, I have updated my key hosted at to the latest version (and just extended expiration by another year).

Please ensure it matches the key you already have, and/or otherwise verify my key fingerprint from at least a few sources!

For reference, fingerprint should be E463A93F5F3117EEDE6C7316BD02942421F4889F

@lukedashjr what the tool do you use to create a PGP keys? I had Keybase but I deleted it due to the acquisition with zoom.

@lukedashjr is there difference between PGP with expiration date and without? I mean why it’s needed? 🤨

@yegorpetrov In case you lose the private key, the expiration date ensures it doesn't remain valid after you stop using it.

@lukedashjr There's also a new Web UI for uploading and verifying keys at (in case you hadn't seen it yet).

@lukedashjr Depends on the keyserver. Some are kinda broken atm. I also liked the email verification option on the website. (Anyway, just linking the thing I found when I updated my own key last week.)

@lukedashjr have you looked into Web Key Directory? I thought it was a bit confusing so I just host a file on my site for now.

@jb55 No, honestly I just did gpg --send-keys to any server that would work.
Didn't spend any time thinking about more complicated push processes.

Cool that you’re using! This one is immune to the reliability issues.

You may also want to check out Web Key Directory — this is a standard for fetching keys by e-mail address supported by quite a lot OpenPGP tools (GnuPG included). And since you already have your own domain and HTTPS you’re all set.

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