TFW "Jesus is King" is trending (on Twitter), but it's just about some rapper, rather than changing governments and Constitutions to recognise the real kingship of Christ. 😑

@lukedashjr You realize that the people over at shitcoin dot com love using your tweets as some fodder for their ridicule?

@lukedashjr They use it to denigrate and mock Bitcoin at every turn - "look at the things this Bitcoin dev said".
Its embarrassing frankly to see your tweets show up in the opposition screeds.

@TallTim That'll just make them look like fools since I'm right.

@lukedashjr You are contributing to the hardest form of money ever created yet you don't care about how your eccentricities are used against you in the public space.

Nassim Taleb has a good phrase for this -- "Intellectual, but idiot".

@TallTim God and Catholicism is more important than Bitcoin.

@lukedashjr “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

If you have no problem with the most important financial asset in the world being attacked, then I guess there's no way of getting through to you.

@TallTim It's going to be attacked either way. To survive, Bitcoin will need to survive these attacks.

@lukedashjr There's a big difference waving around a lightning rod and organic attacks based on Bitcoin's challenging the status quo.
Even Satoshi himself shied away from donations to Wikileaks, because he perceived early on that raising the flag and waving it in the oppositions face would cause some massive problems.
I'm asking for the same kind of consideration from you.

@TallTim You're worried freemasons or such will attack Bitcoin because a few devs are Catholic? That seems paranoid.

@lukedashjr [ Citation Needed ]
I said no such thing. I see your language interpreter and parser is broken. Perhaps time for a good debug followed by a some test cases?

@TallTim I'm trying to make sense of what you're saying, since you're not very clear.

@lukedashjr The signal is there, you just choose not to receive it.

@lukedashjr No, I was trying to help.
The difference is, one of us isn't blind to reality.

@TallTim @lukedashjr I don't think that's what Taleb means. Actually I agree with Luke on the matter, if some people use his Christian belief to discredit bitcoin, they are indeed fools, and should be called out as such. This might turn away a few normies short term, big deal, but long term we'd better stand together and not compromise with intellectual terrorists.

@Sosthene @lukedashjr I'm not asking him to denounce his faith, rather - I'd like him to be aware that he is a public figure and as such anything he says will be conflated with Bitcoin.
Lack of understanding that is where the "intellectual but idiot" part comes in.

@TallTim @Sosthene I never consented to being a public figure. And in any case, the things I say are good.

@lukedashjr @Sosthene Consent or not, you are. Does God command you have a twitter account? Keeping the faith doesn't mean being a missionary. I just find your lack of understanding this basic issue rather perplexing. Or even worse, you could give a damn and who cares if Bitcoin suffers because of it. That's rather callous, isn't it?

@TallTim @lukedashjr I got your point, but consider that there are many people that are "more public" than Luke in Bitcoin, among them Andreas, which is kind of a SJW, many libertarians and even socialists. What I mean is that in a community like Bitcoin, you will like some people opinons, and don't like some others, but in the end I think it's a net positive because you will always find someone like you. Maybe Luke is driving christians to Bitcoin, and it worth some douche making fun of him

@Sosthene @lukedashjr Don't worry I have plenty of objections for the rest. This was just an attempt to reach one.

I failed, of course.

Ideology demands surrendering logic, apparently.

@TallTim @Sosthene Even if ALL the heathens in the world rejected Bitcoin as a result of my tweets, and only one Catholic remained Catholic as a result, it would logically be a net win because of the difference in importance.

@TallTim @lukedashjr Maybe I'm lacking context here, but I really don't understand why it's such a big concern that Luke is getting mocked online for views that have nothing to do with Bitcoin.
As I said, not saying something controversial out of fear this might be used to smear bitcoin doesn't sound like a winning strategy to me.

@lukedashjr But, it is still interesting to see I must say. Lets see if it is true that Gen Z is indeed the most conservative generation in 60+ years. If so, this should do more than just well.

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