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I am a community-paid developer working on Bitcoin Core and many other parts of the ecosystem.

You can help fund my public Bitcoin work by:
1) Sending me bitcoins - contact me for a per-transaction/unique address!
2) GitHub Sponsors:
3) Patreon:

PSA: OpenZFS for Linux simply corrupts your data if you hibernate. Sigh.

hopefully final code-review session for BIP8 in 50 minutes in freenode #-activation

If you know C++ (or even if you don't, but can follow it) please join us to help review!


Today's meeting was IMO largely unproductive, but we did manage to come to consensus on everything but LockinOnTimeout.

Activation height range: 693504-745920
MASF threshold: 1815/2016 blocks (90%)

Keep in mind only ~100 people showed for the meetings, hardly representative of the entire community.
So, these details remain JUST a proposal for now.

It seems inevitable that there won't be consensus on LOT.
Everyone will have to choose for himself. :/

In half an hour, the second activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser:

Topic is activation params, particularly lockinontimeout and startheight

We should lock the senators in their room until they are unanimous with their verdict.

There is no reason an impeachment outcome should be partisan.

Ahead of the activation meeting this coming Tuesday, I am preparing a draft of a proposal we can adapt/polish and send to the wider community for approval.

Still WIP; contributions welcome.

www-plugins/great-suspender-7.1.6 added to my personal Gentoo overlay (layman -a luke-jr)

This is the last non-malware version, and I added a USE flag to patch it with a migration tool (suspended tabs ONLY, no other settings/sessions/etc).

Builds with your own custom private key / extension id, saved in /etc/portage for future rebuilds/updates.

Seems like the biggest danger is cookies.

I am manually logging out of any webpages that have cookies set, and wiping my cookies.

It could have also logged any web activity, or done its own web activity as me. If you know of anything suspicious "I" did, let me know please.

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Apparently I've been using a malicious browser extension for months.
If you were using The Great Suspender, this affects you too.

Not sure yet what the scope of potential compromise is.
My cold wallet and PGP keys should be safe, at least.

Thoughts on the UASF fallback?

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activation meeting summary:

- MASF using BIP 8 for the first year ( or not still controversial)
- BIP8 PRs 1020 & 1021 merged

Probably 2 more meetings (next being code review) to go.

In half an hour, the first activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser:

- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal
- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)

RT @[email protected]

Please do not use 1.9.0 but use the just released 1.9.1. There is a severe bug in 1.9.0 which was found yesterday. 1.8 versions are safe. Details will follow today. (, , ).

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