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I am a community-paid developer working on Bitcoin Core and many other parts of the ecosystem.

You can help fund my public Bitcoin work by:
1) Sending me bitcoins - contact me for a per-transaction/unique address!
2) GitHub Sponsors:
3) Patreon:

Preliminary analysis on the GCC 9 & 10 memcmp bug suggests it CAN affect Core & Knots, but does NOT affect the Bitcoin consensus code (phew).

If yours was compiled with GCC 9/10, use caution for now (or rebuild with GCC 8).

Affected: p2p & PSBT

Note that gitian builds use GCC 7 and LLVM, so should be unaffected.

PPAs for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) and 20.10 (Groovy) are affected (and will not be fixed immediately).

IMO if you're spending $849 for a dedicated full node machine, you should expect a POWER9 CPU in it.
Just saying.

(You should also make sure you're only buying node hardware made by reputable developers... But that's another topic.)

Reminder that part of the reason *fake* conspiracy theories are so common, is because the real conspirators are using them to help obscure and dismiss when people find out about their *real* conspiracies.

Not all conspiracies are fake.
Not all claims are unfounded.

"It’s not getting a lot of coverage, but there is a rash of miscarriages and stillbirths among mothers with COVID. My wife if a labor and delivery nurse in LA and has been absolutely devastated by the number.

She came home the other night crying that she delivered three dead babies in two days. She used to go a month or more between stillbirths."

PSA: is written in C++, which is almost normal English.

If you're anxious to have deployed, reviewing the code can help.

BIP 8 (Versionbits v2):

Reminder: You can protect yourself from the and STILL vote against Biden in November (or even actively support
Trump if you want to).
Don't let the liberals and media trick you into self-harm using reverse psychology.

politics, anti-racism 

This past month or so has made it absolutely clear there is systemic , and that it is now considered socially acceptable to be racist and discriminate openly.

But it's already illegal. So the question is, when will the government prosecute? Or is this anti-"white" racism the new norm in ?

Thanks to @[email protected] for merging my BIP 8 improvements and adding me as a co-champion.
Hopefully just in time for finishing it up for deploying to !

Recording of the BitDevsLA video conference where I discuss the recently discovered /PSBT vulnerability in (CVE-2020-14199)

I hear bcashers are having a schism over whether to hardfork every 6 months or every 9 months.

Going to have to side with the 6monthers:

If you make it every 9 months, then babies conceived celebrating hardfork N will put the women in the hospital for delivery right when HF N+1 is activating, reducing manpower by half if something goes wrong...


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