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vaccine controversies 

"In addition to open sourcing the , @IBM is also contributing a newly developed softcore to the community. ...also...reference designs for and Open Memory Interface ()"

A right is something which you can legitimately defend with violence.

If you're unable to use violence, you effectively have no rights.

By nominating absolutely absurd candidates, the are sending Trump the message he can do whatever evil he wants (like red flag laws) and still win reelection.

The only way out of this race to the bottom is for BOTH parties to start nominating decent people.

“We've identified the 50 most important machines that we think it takes for modern life to exist...then we set out to create an open source, DIY, do it yourself version that anyone can build and maintain at a fraction of the cost.”

Despite their claims, @[email protected]'s hosted mining services are absolutely a centralisation risk, just like any other hosted mining.

If you're going to buy hosted mining anyway, pick a small-hashrate company to provide it, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's comparable to actually mining yourself.

(BetterHash only helps when you physically control the hardware.)

The can't just be repealed. It grants no rights, merely clarifies that the US government will not attempt to infringe on the _fundamental_human_right_ to keep and bear firearms. That right cannot be abolished or repealed by anyone. It exists no matter what any constitution says or doesn't say.

So, a friend of mine posited a theory, and it came from a far more overall high level view than even my thread on Twitter.

Now, as noted by others myriad times, our violent crime rate in the US is at a historic low from its peak in the early 90’s.

Shooting sprees weren’t common in the early 90’s.

Want to know what WAS at a peak in 1989 and has been on a big decline since? Serial killers, in number caught and their victim totals.

You are justified in shooting someone if necessary to stop their violation of your fundamental rights, such as if they are trying to steal/confiscate your firearms.

Just figured I should point this out again, since suspended me for saying so there.

When/if Twitter finally unsuspends me: Is there a good way to view Twitter content within Mastodon, and make replies to it etc without using Twitter's new crappy website?

Basically, treat as a non-standard federation (for my user alone, of course).

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