URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

Meanwhile they're pushing booster shots for five year olds.


I regret very much taking it.
I just couldn’t resist the pressure and not being able to see loved ones.

What worries me most is not just that it might prevent developing good immunity against Covid — which is mutating into less and leas dangerous variants — but that it might prevent developing immunity against other pathogens.

I just hope whatever effect wanes over time.

So far my health has been about the same after two injections and one barely noticeable Covid infection.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the mRNA injections caused the next pandemic of a different virus.

I would be very little surprised if it turns out to be linked to the recent surge in Monkeypox.

Of course they will try to use it as justification for continuing restrictions and mandatory injections.

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