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The Trudeau government has announced it worked with airlines to consider requiring “digital identity documents” and biometric data like facial recognition for pre-aircraft boarding requirements.


The temptation to print money is so overwhelming for human beings that we have created an entire pseudoscience called “Keynesian economics” to justify it. is rehab for humanity.

URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

Meanwhile they're pushing booster shots for five year olds.

Why is it so hard for mankind to let go of ideas that are not just obviously wrong— they lead to dire consequences to those who believe in them, and everyone else.

You can understand why a narcissistic billionaire or politician believe they need to centrally plan the entire world.

But why the masses fall for it?

It’s horrible to contemplate but mankind seems to be composed of a minority eager to obtain as much power as they can — and a majority eager to become as powerless as they can.

Turns out the Buffalo shooter wasn’t a conservative “white supremacist” but a leftist pushed to the extreme of madness by COVID paranoia.

There will be many more.

Turns out my build settings were messed up, and not optimizing code plus including debug stuff that was slowing it down.

It’s still slower than I would expect but hash rate increased 10x to something usable for my testing purposes.

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They’re already trying to get another pandemic scare going with monkeypox.

Hands off my freedom creeps

In the human case, it will only stop being true when we stop innovation.

I think we have at least a few good millennia before that.

As long as people are *allowed* to innovate in a free-ish market, that is.

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It’s quite astounding that so many people— in particular entrepreneurs— believe in Malthusian overpopulation BS.

Malthusianism gets things exactly backwards.

Most costs increase in a sublinear curve as the production increases.

That means the more people the cheaper to feed each person.

In fact the same is true of life in general — it’s only when living organisms are at optimal adaptation that it stops being true.

Otherwise there would be a few pockets of life instead of ecosystems.

It’s not enough to lift remaining Covid restrictions.

Nothing even remotely like that can happen again — ever — for whatever reason.

The world will pay the price of that lunacy for decades, and we simply cannot afford to do it again.

The worst existential threat for human society right now is a global nuclear war.

The second worst is the existence of “public health”.

No conceivable disease or natural disaster come even close to being as dangerous as public policy.

Central banks are politicized organizations that proclaim “independence.” By being truly independent, fixes this.

Looks like this was a trial balloon to see how far they could push brazenly. Bet she will be doing her thing surreptitiously, probably join Facebook.

wins because you can't cheat Physics and can't shoot Math.

The perfect employment of the physical and metaphysical to enforce scarcity and security asymmetry.

After hating it for several weeks, Rust is now my favorite programming language.

I still don’t fully understand the type system or the lifecycle details, but most of the time compiler errors are enough to guide me to the right answer.

After a decade of Java and a couple years between various scripting languages it’s quite refreshing.

If I ever need to find a coding job again I know what I will be looking

I just wish Satoshi had used it for the Bitcoin code base.

Canadian mainstream media will try anything to discredit @PierrePoilievre because they don’t want him to end their free money subsidies.

If you think having fewer kids is better for the environment then you are bad for the environment.

Food and fuel shortages are coming.

The answer is not more price controls, CBDCs, managed trade deals.

The answer is get the government out of the way, and let free markets work.

Trying to do CPU mining for some test stuff.

Man, it’s slow.

I thought a modern CPU would be able to easily mine a minimum difficulty block in a few seconds — even with my crappy Rust code.

12 hours and still mined just one block 😂

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Can’t imagine Satoshi and Hal Finny waiting a couple days for each confirmation.


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