How can you trust Bitcoin? It’s just software you can audit yourself.

It’s not even approved by the people who harass, rob, and threaten you every day!

As young and foolish leftist I once attended an anti-IMF rally.
All the leftists were anti-IMF.

The left has changed a lot more than me.

China is way ahead of the US government in dealing with Bitcoin.

They already killed it like 10 times!

How many times will the Americans kill it before they leave race?

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Authoritarians want to use the financial system as a means of control rather than means of exchange and store of value. To we must defend . And don’t buy this dishonest BS on energy; is actually growing investment in renewable energy globally.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I think it is perfectly possible to create a stable-coin — that tracks well enough the cost of people’s short-term obligations— without relying on any trusted 3rd party.

The reason is the blockchain has a built in trustless oracle to the price of Bitcoin expressed in number of hashes.

It might be a useful tool during the transition to full bitcoinization.

Amazon has never paid a dividend. Ever. There's no evidence that they will.

Yet it's got a very high market cap. If an investment returns $0 every month, shouldn't it be worth $0?

There's something very wrong with the current system.

I can’t believe how stupid people are to sell BTC because the FBI managed to steal (back?) some BTC from some people.

Most people are stupid and not very moral.

Even people who are both smart and generally good often do things that are both stupid and evil.

No, fooling yourself into “expecting the best of people” won’t make it any better.

We’re talking about men in their early twenties dying of heart attacks after taking the “vaccine” that’s so safe they need to censor anyone who mentions any risks related to it.

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It seems that, according to official Israeli sources, young men have about 1/3,000 chance of developing myocarditis — heart inflammation — after taking an mRNA vaccine.
Consequences can be from mild and temporary, to long term or even death.

That’s at least 10x more likely than needing a visit to an ER — *if* you’re infected with Covid.

Pushing young, healthy people to take this vaccine is a criminal act.

The lesson from the Space Race isn’t that Americans are smarter than Russians, or that Capitalism is more efficient than Communism, much less that NASA scientists are infallible.

The lesson is how easily the West can be convinced to spend ridiculous amounts of resources in completely useless endeavours.

After the success of the Space Race, the Communists convinced us to join the Climate Race, and more recently the Lockdown Race and the Vaccine Race.

Wife got the jab.
Feeling crappy but nothing too bad so far. Still worse than any cold or flu she had in the past 14 years.
I don’t feel encouraged to do the same by what I see.

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i don’t care about the lab. i care about the idea that “experts” are always right to the point where we should censor dissent

“The humiliations which once had been devised with criminals alone in mind now were imposed upon the traveler, before and during every journey. There had to be photographs from right and left, in profile and full face, one’s hair had to be cropped sufficiently to make the ears visible; fingerprints were taken, at first only the thumb but later all ten fingers; furthermore, certificates of health, of vaccination, police certificates of good standing, had to be shown; letters of recommendation were required, invitations to visit a country had to be procured; they asked for the addresses of relatives, for moral and financial guarantees, questionnaires, and forms in triplicate and quadruplicate needed to be filled out,”

― Stefan Zweig, The World of Yesterday
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Yet it’s seen as just common sense that anyone who choses not to take a vaccine should be shamed or violently forced into taking it. It’s virtuous to shame your anti-vaxxer cousins!

While saying anything against over-eating is “fat shaming” and akin to being a Nazi

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A first hand Covid account (people I personally know)

3 old ladies living together.

A mother in her 80s and two daughters in their 60s.

All 3 fully vaccinated.

Almost completely isolated for 1 year. The 3 combined left their apartment 9 times since March/2020 always fully masked.

All 3 very much obese.

All 3 got Covid.

2 are in hospital fighting for their lives.

Let’s pray for them.

But please tell me. What is more dangerous to oneself and others?

Not vaccinating
Being obese

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