Is Wagyu a scam?

I only tasted it once, and while it was delicious I’m pretty sure I had better steak for 1/20th of the price back in Montevideo.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia.

Government is a scam.

There’s not a single thing it can provide that can’t be achieved — more efficiently— without it.

Votes don’t give people magic powers.

Governments can't regulate bitcoin.

Bitcoin will regulate governments.

If you had invested $100 in vs. all of these major companies...

Note: log scale, otherwise bitcoin would not fit on the chart

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Every empire thinks debt doesn’t matter. Every empire thinks everything is ok until it isn’t. Every empire collapses.

One day you’ll buy a nice home for 0.01 Bitcoin.

And you’ll think that’s too expensive and regret your purchase.

The worship of “scientists” will figure in history as the most anti-scientific superstition in the last thousand years.

The average person understands nothing about any sort of technology or the most basic scientific facts.
If the kindergarten teacher had told them the Earth is flat, no amount of flying around the world would convince them otherwise.

They can’t imagine the possibility of “regular” people actually understanding those things much less questioning them.

Stop giving credit to “scientists” (in fact just anyone publishing papers) for the achievements of engineers.

That NASA engineers landed spacecraft on the Moon decades ago doesn’t mean NASA “scientists” today know what will happen to the climate im 10 years.

Same for “scientists” and doctors. Knowing how to treat you if you’re sick or lowering the chances if individuals catching it doesn’t mean being able to predict how the virus will affect a whole population.

Banks will end up being some of the largest holders of Bitcoin by doing the same thing they did to real estate:

- at some point they will accept Bitcoin as collateral.
- tons of people will use the raising Btc price to fuel unrealistic lifestyles with repeat loans
- in an economic bust Bitcoin will crash in USD terms.
- people will not be able to pay back loans and banks will keep the Bitcoin.
- Fed will bail out banks

Only use as collateral what you’re ok losing

2020 taught us that if the government vehemently denies it has plans for doing X, and people who think they have are conspiracy theorists— then you can be almost 100% sure they are planning to do X.

1 year or so ago you’d be called a conspiracy theorist if you said the government planned to lock people in their homes.

That was just the first example.

Every halfwit in the internet thinks they’re in charge of the universe and can decide what sort of technology is allowed to exist.

The SEC should be suspended for misleading investors and harming them.

I’m starting to think that separating fools from their money is an essential public service necessary for the good functioning of society.


100% agree. He and Buffet have not even tried to understand Bitcoin and fail to realize their confident assertions will only tarnish their own reputations historically.

I only hope they live long enough to realize it.

NYT says don't go down the rabbit-hole


I think the most under appreciated innovation in Bitcoin is that it *uses* the fact that it is very hard to do breaking upgrades to production protocols to achieve its goals.

That’s a first afaik, and as profound an innovation as using hard computational problems to create strong cryptography.

If you think upgrading protocols isn’t that hard I must remind you that, for example, we still use JPEG — even though formats 10x more efficient have been around for 20 years.

Some Bitcoin deniers have got nothing left. So they just double down over and over on nocoinism.

History will not look on them kindly.

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