The FDA and CDC are potentially just weeks away from ruling on vaccination eligibility for young kids, but all available evidence proves that even unvaccinated kids are dying 17 times less often from COVID-19 than FULLY vaccinated senior citizens:

JUST IN: Unvaccinated healthcare workers in Quebec called the government’s bluff. They won’t lose their jobs on October 15 but on November 15.

“When the enemy embarks on an attack, if you make a show of strongly suppressing his technique, he will change his mind.”

— Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

Anyone administering drugs to someone who is coerced into taking them is committing at the very least an professional ethics violation…if not a crime.

If you’re coerced into getting a vaccination…just let the person administering it know you are not acting of your own free will. Anyone choosing to administer a vaccine under coercion is complicit with an unethical mandate.

Coercion and medicine don’t mix and it’s high time physicians take a firm stance against the use of force or coercion in medical decision making.

I saw this on Instagram and it had a content warning making sure I wanted to see it...

...yes Instagram, I want to see the tyrants swing.

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”

― Emily Dickinson

So…if you over diagnose COVID early on in the pandemic, this will look like prior infection isn’t as good as vaccination down the line.

Just saying…

Jeff Booth nails it.

RT @JeffBooth:

Exactly! Things should get cheaper as technology does more of the work and makes things efficient.

It is only human greed, arrogance and lust for control that prevents that outcome by manipulating money.

A problem that fixes

Congrats to the people of El Salvador.

Since Gutenberg mankind has been continuously victim of an ever escalating DoS attack.

Every human institution and intuition evolved for a time when copying and transmitting information was expensive.

All the workarounds we built to live with it being cheap failed.

Gatekeepers are always corrupted, trusted experts abuse their position, governments just censor things that threaten their power.

Proof-of-Work is our only hope.

The Times 2021/10/05 — Facebook whisteblower testimony reignites bipartisan support for curbing Big Tech

I’m not claiming this is true or was planned.

But that it’s possible is terrifying

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What if the depopulation doesn’t come directly from vaccines, but from the deadly variants that will evolve within vaccinated populations?

Like with Marek’s disease the vaccinated will live, but spread a disease that is far more lethal than the original to the unvaccinated.

If that’s the case, the billion people already vaccinated are enough to generate those variants. There’s no way to stop it now.
And we’ll depend on vaccines forever.

Amazing business model for Pfizer.

Had a nightmare this night.

I got the vaccine but they still wouldn’t let me into a plane.

Had to pass a Mandarin proficiency exam first.

It was just a bad dream, right?

@lucash_dev @pete this is why governments should not become health enforcement agencies. It undercuts our ability to develop trust quickly with strangers. People look at us and think, oh, here is a brainwashed asshole who wants me fired too…rather than thinking about their concern and asking a good question.

Also note that differently from BTC whether some message is included in the surviving chain or not isn’t very relevant from the point of view of the publisher.

The longest chain is just a means to achieve DoS protection. What publishers want is for their blocks to reach everyone — if there’s a reorg later it isn’t important.

That makes censorship by a 51% attack pretty much irrelevant.

On the other hand users *need* to know the longest chain to have DoS protection.

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