For those in Thailand, specifically Koh Phangan.

We're doing a spinoff of the full moon party and calling it the Crypto Moon Networking event (because Crypto is mooning, get it).

It will be held on the same date coinciding with the full moon.

Come to the island if you can and don't live in an orange or red province as there is no time for you to serve quarantine.

Details: (CM/KPG Bitcoin telegram) (KPG Crypto chat)

Bitcoin only meetup on this amazing island (Koh Phangan) this week

For more information please see

Come and join us today at Ryan’s for steak and hacking on Raspberry Pi based Lightning apps!

See or PM for details

The first step (putting our face 🐘 on it) to our RBP LN PoS is complete, everything else happens on the 24th Aug event.

For more head to:

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance