LNCM enables first retail Lightning ⚡Network payment in 🌏South East Asia!

We'll let everyone easily accept LN payments in 2019.

100% open-source on affordable hardware.


Come and join us today at Ryan’s for steak and hacking on Raspberry Pi based Lightning apps!

See github.com/lncm/ideas or PM for details

Just a reminder, our next meetup is in 4 days: Aug 24th (1st SegWit Activation Anniversary) at Ryan's (@[email protected])

Remember to bring your own 💻📱🥩🍺🥃!

There will be some extra HW (RBP, Arduino, etc) 🤓 & lots of knowledge provided 😎

Details: github.com/lncm/ideas

The first step (putting our face 🐘 on it) to our RBP LN PoS is complete, everything else happens on the 24th Aug event.

For more head to: github.com/lncm/ideas

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