"The DISGUSTING "Send Her Back" Trump Rally Chant, Trump Blames Crowd, & Kyoto Animation Arson" on Philip DeFranco

My patreon.com/ottom6k account can be used to provide both moral and financial support for my #OpenBSD work. While I love working on OpenBSD all by itself, it's even more lovable if I get some tangible form of appreciation from the community!

however some people choose to bet their Johnson
"New Call Options Allow Joe Schmoe to Bet on $100,000 Bitcoin"

1 tonne. Moving around 50M in gold is such a heavy task.
LOL "you can't put Bitcoin on display like this"

"$50 Million Gold Coin Makes Splash at NYSE
Perth Mint made history on Tuesday by bringing the worldā€™s largest gold coin to the NYSE." youtube.com/watch?v=EH1k5O3RYx

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