Where's the outrage?

"3 Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish" - The New York Times nytimes.com/2019/04/05/us/loui

Grand Puba - I Like It ( Dirty ) [ HD ] D.I.T.C.''HQ'' Exclusive + Lyrics ! - YouTube

Brexit preppers movement.

Watch "How Brits Are Preparing For A Post-Brexit Apocalypse (HBO)" on YouTube

Watch "Nuggets Bench HILARIOUS Reaction To Lonnie Walker's Hops | April 3, 2019" on YouTube

"So, This Is The First Ever Picture of a Black Hole - Let's Analyze It!" on YouTube

Haha even the greatest looked like a fool few times
"Shaqtin' A Fool: Michael Jordan" on YouTube

I've always thought of RW as lightning in a bottle

"Russell Westbrook Doesn't Like Lance Stephenson Grabbing Him - Lakers vs Thunder | April 2, 2019" on YouTube

"Why I use FreeBSD and OpenBSD (Part 5): Sane, trustworthy package management" on YouTube

"Bishop Nehru - Mind Clarity Freestyle (Official Video)" on YouTube

Yes pls, help me never click a medium link

"No Medium ā€”Ā Build Your Own Site, Please" nomedium.dev/

For bitcoin TA/FA I keep an eye on Tones and this guy's videos
"The Biggest Danger to Bitcoin is Not What You Think" on YouTube

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