With all the spam/scam DM's on Twitter and Telegram you would think we're still in a   bull market.

I don't know who needs to hear it but we need more non-KYC fiat on-ramps for

During 2018 bear market at times I was dumping my entire monthly salary into Bitcoin.
I realized I needed the only fiat I needed to bank is to stay liquid/emergency fund.
And the remaining went into

Stacking sats is a lifestyle.
Picked up some more on a decent discount right now.    

Forget the fiat value of your instead do 1 thing only.
Everyday only secure more

In 4 years time imagine how new bitcoiners will feel having missed the opportunity to buy     under 60k

When     price is up, continue to DCA in.
When price is down, buy more.
This has been my strategy since around mid 2017.
Working well for me.

Orange pilled 3 co-workers of the female persuasion today.

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