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I never did an #introduction so here we go: 

I'm not really that interesting.
I like boring shit, I toot about said boring shit.

Had my flu jab the other day. Bit of a sore arm for a couple of days, but that was it.
Only £15 - but worth checking if your employer will reimburse you (mine did).

RT @arcbtc
Introducing !
Completely OFFLINE <$10 LN Point-of-Sale.
Video tut coming soon, workshops at and @AdoptingBTC
Check out the repo!
(watch the @lnbits wallet in the background when the transaction is made 🤩)

Over they past years every time China bans Bitcoin, I smack that buy button.

C'mon Mozilla Firefox enough with the effing Add Application notifications

I am unsure if we're going up or down from here but I had to stack some sats because 1 BTC will always be 1 BTC.

why is it only the twats giving each other linkedin kudos to each other

Imagine selling your Bitcoin for funny money after a day like today.

I'd rather Bitcoin at war like with Turkey than legal tender as with El Salvador.

Every mf waiting to BTFD. If we do dip further, it will certainly be very short lived.

How old are you folks?

Headlines you wouldn't believe just from a years ago.

"Trinidad & Tobagao Debunks Nicki Minaj's Claim of Testicle Side Effects in Press Conference"

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