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I never did an #introduction so here we go: 

Fat Beats Records - "Fat Beats 25th Anniversary Compilation" (Full Album Stream | 2019) - YouTube

RT @[email protected] Claudio Jeker thinks about security holistically. It impacts all of his work, like the #OpenBSD and #OpenBGPD projects. We love this approach and that's why we're presenting him with the Radiant Award! Thanks to Internet Society for funding his $10k gift!

so called american justice system is messed up

'Weinstein and His Accusers Reach Tentative $25 Million Deal' - The New York Times

I don't share this kind of content but it's too heartwarming not to

Warner Bros. Removes ‘Akira’ From Slate, Gives Its Release Slot to ‘Matrix 4’

Fourth “Matrix” film will be released in May 2021 on the same weekend as “John Wick: Chapter 4”

How tf Windows doesn't have "always on top" window option.
WTF microshat

McIlhenny or nothing
"How the Tabasco Factory Makes 700,000 Bottles of Hot Sauce Per Day"

From some time early next year my daily commute is expected to be come 2hrs.
More audio books and less podcasts this time around.

Arrgghhhh insanity.
"Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box (Brodinski & Gesaffelstein Dirty Sprite Remix)" - YouTube

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