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I never did an #introduction so here we go: 

This cat is HODLing 6.15 BTC.

'Male cat needs glucose drip after mating with five females in one night in pet hotel'

"SpongeBob' is a 'violent,' 'racist' colonizer, says University of Washington professor"

O. K.

'Collapse OS is an open-source operating system for a post-apocalyptic future' via @DigitalTrends

How cool is this: watch my mouse and keyboard follow seamlessly from my desktop to my Raspberry Pi šŸ¤“

Itā€™s a little app called Synergy that I now have running across my Linux box, 2 Pis, Mac, and Windows clunker. (And VSCode is connected via SSH to the Pi in the video too.)

Has made working on and testing Raspberry Pi support for Site.js ( so much simpler :)

#sitejs #synergy #vscode #geeky

Bitcoin talks
"Adventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Official Video)" on YouTube

Hell yes. I also want my Brexit free Social Media
"Bored by Brexit? British TV starts Brexit-free news channel"

brick cold in the office today, i think i need typing mittens

"Hello darkness, my old friend" by Thomas Steiner |
"šŸ“š I have done a lot of background research on the history and theory of dark mode, if you are only interested in working with dark mode, feel free to skip the introduction."

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