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I never did an #introduction so here we go: 

I'm not really that interesting.
I like boring shit, I toot about said boring shit.

N.B.S. & Snowgoons - Obama Couldn't Even Change America ft Fredro Starr (ONYX) Promo Video - YouTube

These ignoramuses claim rule over you
"Mississippi blames 'typo' for including huge mosquito among new state flag designs"

"YT Cracker - Bitcoin Baron (Ultraklystron MoombASIC Mix) - (2013)"

"To prevent attacks, the agency recommends that US organizations update any Linux system to a version running kernel version 3.7 or later, "in order to take full advantage of kernel signing enforcement," a security feature that would prevent APT28 hackers from installing Drovorub's rootkit."

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"Drovorub is a multi-component system that comes with an implant, a kernel module rootkit, a file transfer tool, a port-forwarding module, and a command-and-control (C2) server."

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WTF Twitter, you already owned something superior (Vine)
"Twitter Wants to Buy TikTok, Needs Help from Other Investors"

In case you missed it: End-to-End Encrypted Email Support

"What鈥檚 New in Thunderbird 78 | The Thunderbird Blog"

DEF CON Safe Mode - Slava Makkaveev - Pwn2Own Qualcomm Compute DSP for Fun and Profit - YouTube

cointop - terminal based application for tracking cryptocurrencies

The World's Gone Mad (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien, Barrington Levy & Alex Kapranos)

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