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I guess people are excited about some states and governments getting warm to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, excuse me if I give very little shits.
I trust no party that claims rule over how I conduct my private business.

Just finished watching Hereditary.. And I want to say..
what theeeeee

Cryptocurrency Deals Can Always Be Erased, for a Price
But at least in the blockchain, everyone knows the price.
By Elaine Ou

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #29

Jan 15, 2019

This week’s newsletter announces a security upgrade for C-Lightning, describes a paper and additional research into wallets that accidentally revealed their private keys, and lists some notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects.

I am listening to podcast HPR2727: Passwords on Give it a listen.

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #28

Jan 8, 2019

This week’s newsletter announces a new maintenance release of Bitcoin Core, describes continued discussion about new signature hashes, and links to a post about possible economic barriers to LN payments crossing different currencies. Descriptions of notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects are also provided.

As much as I can't stand FaceBag, the public outrage against them will lead it to be either heavily government regulated or under total control of it.
Don't use any of their services. It really is that simple.

"Computer Science - Cryptography and Security
A First Look at the Crypto-Mining Malware Ecosystem: A Decade of Unrestricted Wealth"
Sergio Pastrana, Guillermo Suarez-Tangil

cant wait for that multiple hashtag search on mastodon

For my Linux needs, Slackware still does a masterful job!

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