RT @Blockstream
We're now accepting preorders for the next batch. Those preordering will receive a B-JDE voucher on @Liquid_BTC that will be redeemable for one Jade. B-JDE holders will also have priority access to the next batch. Order now! 💠🌊 store.blockstream.com/product/

RT @excellion
2000 pre-order vouchers are now on sale now in the . These B-JDE tokens give priority access to the new batch shipping in July. The price is still $39.99 but will increase to $45.99 for the subsequent batch. Pay in Liquid $USDt for 10% off! 🌊 twitter.com/Blockstream/status

RT @tierotiero
@janakaSteph @Liquid_BTC @FTX_Official what if the next @FTX_Official is built on top pf @Liquid_BTC ? 😎

RT @LeoComandini
I just published a blog post about LiquiDEX: a protocol for 2-steps Atomic Swaps on @Liquid_BTC.
Learn about its advantages and trade-offs, and try it now on Liquid mainnet.

RT @GusGrillasca
My genesis piece @Raretoshi 💀🍄
Now available with @Liquid_BTC 🔥

RT @paoloardoino
Withdrawal stats (last ~24h timeframe)
~2.6 BTC withdrew via ⚡️ , across ~100 invoices
~3.7k BTC withdrew via mainchain, across ~600 outputs
~25 BTC withdrew via @Liquid_BTC , across 8 txs

RT @paoloardoino
Some more stats (last ~24h timeframe):
~1k BTC deposited via mainchain, across 500 inputs
~30 BTC deposited via @Liquid_BTC , across 20 txs
~0.1 WBTC deposited via Ethereum

RT @Raretoshi
Our newest featured artist is @GusGrillasca! Gus GG is an OG artist debuting on @Raretoshi with 'Hyperbitcoinization', a psychedelic tribute to , along with the commemorative 'BTC BANKNOTE Miami'. 🌴💀🔥 blog.raretoshi.com/og-nft-arti

RT @side_swap
We're proud to announce the release of our p2p swap market for Liquid Network 🌊🚀Note! New builds required.


RT @zetra_art
Ending today/tonight on @Raretoshi
@cryptograffiti has the high bid, but maybe @excellion will come in and destroy everybody @Liquid_BTC micropayments. @disgruntledbad1 could collect his third ZETRA NFT with his stamina. Everything is possible


RT @YungGucciT
Reserve Price:
0.21 L-BTC

If you wish to bid without using @Liquid_BTC , comment below with BTC offers. I'll DM the serious ones. twitter.com/YungGucciT/status/

RT @InfiniteFleet
Almost 100 of the available 300 Polaris Bastion MK-2 ships have already joined a fleet since we launched them on the Store last Thursday. Once sold out, the Bastion MK-2 will never be sold on our store again - get yours while stocks last!🚀


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New game out 😳

battle-pass with Lightning Network rewards & NFTs on @Liquid_BTC 🎴

The future of gaming is here using @elixirlapp to mount different NFTs on different games using a bitcoin native gaming launcher.

Like Steam but better, with twitter.com/satvival/status/14

RT @zetra_art
New bid came in for ZETRA_N1114 on @Raretoshi.
People are using @Liquid_BTC. No time for sleep @excellion :)

1/1 NFT. 120 seconds loop, displaying one artwork every 30 seconds. Why not have four artworks in one?

RT @zetra_art
The bidding thriller of last night ended in a blink of an eye, when @excellion surprisingly napped away. Congrats to @disgruntledbad1 who took home both artworks that were auctioned off yesterday on @Raretoshi

Now with 2 days left…

RT @scrillaventura
₿ids open now until Friday for my new on @Liquid_BTC via @Raretoshi



RT @zetra_art
My Genesis piece on @Raretoshi just sold. Red is gone, green is on. Few more minutes to go.


RT @Raretoshi
ZETRA's exclusive art auctions are ending soon! Submit your bids quick! 🔥🎨 twitter.com/zetra_art/status/1

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