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I’ve created a @coinoswallet for my local parish, @StFinbarChurch.


donations will be received via on-chain, and @Liquid_BTC.

Every Christmas, 20% of the fund will be converted to fiat and given to the church.

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news coverage about @Blockstream's mining financial instrument, the BMN (Blockstream Mining Note): it gives economic benefit of from 2000 TH mining over a 36 months period. no monthly payments, no selling BTC for power costs, p2p transferable (when @stokr_io enrolled) twitter.com/Blockstream/status

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Minting more on


L- on   via @Raretoshi


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"Major technology company @Blockstream has completed six tranches of its Bitcoin () mining offering (), securing a total of 30.9 million euros ($36 million)." 📜⛏️ cointelegraph.com/news/blockst

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In the past 24 hours, $2.5 million worth of was added to @Liquid_BTC. Let's go.

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sold today for 0.01337 L-BTC @Raretoshi 😎🧡 the one and only place for NFTs on the @Liquid_BTC

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A triple threat with @DigtlMarkets, @merjexchange, and @Blockstream working together on making the @Liquid_BTC network @merjexchange’s blockchain provider

“Full security token stack from tokenization to liquidity”

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🖼1 physical artwork

To who has L-NFT of “TOXIC-MONEY - FIAT SCAVENGER” (limited edition of12) only 4 of 12 left.

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How cool 🤩 is this? Bitcoin grows so fast 😉😎 and much more is coming soon 🔜!!! twitter.com/toshiwatcher/statu

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There are over $256 trillion of real-world assets in the world, presenting a huge opportunity for security tokens to securitize the world's assets on the blockchain. We're just getting started. 🚀

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The completion of tranche six brings the total number of Series 1 issued to more than 122, the total number of investors to just shy of 70, and the total raised to €30.9 million (~ $36 million). ⛏️📜🌊 blockstream.com/2021/10/21/en-

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