I think I will start to offer managed or self managed mastodon instances in very well secure Linux environments for everyone. We all need to grow this network as we will start to see many instances being isolated from the fediverse soon as they are deemed dangerous to those in power.

@KevinBebee yes but I am talking about minimalistic host environments to minimize intrusions. Think micro kernels, slim lib i.e musl and full disk encryption etc.

@likewhoa If you know of a micro kernel smaller than images, then I need to know. I have 5 mb Debian images running services. I have a Mac mini running 15 different micro services, plus a Plex server, plus an SFTP.

But that's nothing. At Apple and Google they run in swarms to supply services to their 100s of thousands of employees.

If you got better than that for free with minimal CPU, I need to know cause I'm doing it wrong.

@KevinBebee i am talking host OS not docker images in general

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