$BTC vs all other shitcoin fiat currencies other than $USD $GBP $EUR right now are skyrocketing - just wait til the other 3 shitcoins join the game....twitter.com/WallSt_Dropout/sta

Good to have listened to @brotherjohnf again who was the man to introduce me to and now @bittubeapp - Great vid to hear his thoughts and also to look at the migration for quality content to bit.tube - last one on youtube!

Really loving @BitTubeApp - This will smoke youtube and other centralized services, plus content creators and viewers get rewarded with a non pre-mined or ico'ed crypto $TUBE - Check out an overview - bit.tube/play?hash=QmYiXk85nCp

Hello, I'm officially launching Lightning Roulette, full fledged European roulette with instant withdraws, playable form 1 satoshi! lightning-roulette.com. Of course provably fair. @lightning_scot

2000+ Bitcoiners here w000t!

Damn centralization 😂😂

This is a good page to see Localbitcoins weekly volume per country - Definitely a lot of growth from emerging markets whose fiat is plummeting ... coin.dance/volume/localbitcoin

As fiat currencies collapse its always good to revisit fiatleak.com/ and watch the transfer of value from fiat to Bitcoin all over the world...

Bitcoinhackers.org is about to break through 2000 members 😀

Ladies and gentlemen.

Bitmain seems to have run out of cash reserves as they spent all their money on BCash. They spent 70% of there operating cashflow from 2016 to q1 2018 on BCash. They have $880m of bcash on the balance sheet and only $100m of USD

As a result they are desperate to be bailed out. They are raising money pre IPO and will then do an IPO

Exodus is the word to describe the Bitcoin sentiment to centralized social media outlets - lets do this... enough already....

and imo it's not communism or socialism, it's pure anarchy - a beautiful thing. We are so totally capable of governing ourselves. And helping each other in the process. I believe it is our nature to do so.

We need to be first to market for new tech and end this centralized monopoly on information....

Im looking forward to the day that we check Mastadon first, and Twitter second, for updates.... It feels close....

Looks cool! Hope to see more people moving here. Future is decentralized.

Perhaps Mastodon could even serve a role in LN routing. 🤔 Imagine a Lightning bolt icon next to the star icon below a toot. Instantly send a tip to that person with the press of a button.

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