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Join the bitcoin-crosschain community on @matrix to share and discuss projects building bitcoin's crosschain ecosystem:

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Many thanks to Sovryn for supporting the meetup, including going above and beyond to help get the videos edited and published online.

Check out live.sovryn.app for RBTC and stablecoin swaps, lending, borrowing, and margin trading up to 5x. No account required!

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And for those who like YouTube, here's the meetup playlist and channel you can subscribe to: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcL

I plan on producing more bitcoin crosschain-related content, so stay tuned 👀

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During Bitcoin 2021 in Miami I had the pleasure of hosting the Crosschain Miami meetup, supported by sovryn.app and featuring some of the coolest projects building crosschain protocols & applications for bitcoin 🤩

📺 Here is a thread with links to the presentation videos 👇

New release of Electrum Personal Server. Fixed issue with lag for large mempools, most users would just disable the mempool histogram for large mempools, with this update that is no longer an issue. Also, now slightly easier to run with automating tools like systemd. Connect your Electrum wallet to your own full node today!

The ability to send change to a custom external address is now merged in Joinmarket master:


I'm now in the process of testing the fidelity bond PR #872 in meticulous detail (it's one of the biggest changes we've ever had so it's not going to be done lightly! But it's going very well so far).

#joinmarket #bitcoin

If you're trading on a Liquid sidechain-based DEX, what do you expect the ticker symbol to be for the sidechain-native token that represents BTC?

h/t to @michaelfolkson for compiling some of my "how to run an I2P hidden service with my bitcoin node" tweets into a Bitcoin Stack Exchange Q&A... i'll propose a how-to doc in bitcoin/bitcoin/doc/i2p.md soon


Is burning BTC using null OP_RETURN outputs bad for bitcoin?

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Soft launch for BitcoinerJobs.co! Let us know what you think, and ADD YOUR JOBS AND CANDIDATE PROFILES!

Some great looking talks here on bitcoin privacy/anonymity and other financial crypto topics. Although the conference is scheduled for March 1-5, many presentation videos are already online 👀

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