Dear Electrum. Sometimes it feels like you have a weird code. But again, you have helped me with this Lightning Network mess. I almost gave up because what's the point of moving forward if I cant pass BOLT01-02.

How ICO's missed Bitcoin achieving true decentralization with commoditized mining equipment and USAF movement, DeFi misses the same, plus global monetization (or, hyperbitcoinization).

liberliver boosted has received U.S. IRS approval for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, allowing it to accept tax-deductible donations that fund its #bitcoin research and development mission:

So Tesla bought half of the liquid supply spilled on market in January (3 bn in according to Kraken data)

Wintercoats, wintercoats with 100$ worth of bitcoins in pockets everywhere. Revise your Bitcoin wallets regularly if you test them a lot.

ETH crowd just ignores the fact that there is entirely new protocol somewhere around.

Does anybody have a feeling that WSB is just tries for greater and greater market cap increasing target market on each next leap?!

Weimar playbook:

+ ubiquitous speculation
+ money for free, forgiven PPP loans, stimulus checks
+ supposedly Cantillion effect takes place (40ft container shipments from China to Europe more expensive 8x now)

However, Ive read yet only last chapter about Bitcoin. Also in 2020 they wrote "bitcoin".

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I found Tuur Deemester's Fraud cycle framework much more appealing than "triangle" used by Quinn and Turner in Boom and Bust book.

So after pumping almost penny-stock, they switched on almost shitcoin (I have a modicum of respect for DOGE). The whole situation is so embarrassing to some bitcoiners who are supposedly feeling themselves obliged to participate in fighting with hedge funds.

I almost physically feel how Bitcoin becomes less interesting for people because of the penny-stock frenzy. They put "fintech" ads everywhere.

The only way for publishers to kill Sci-Hub is to make something more convenient.

This is perfectly rational to endorse bigger covid "relief" and make anti-bitcoin stance in the very same speech.

One more type of privilege: using Microsoft Office products

Why Lightning Network should be working in altcoins if even Bitcoin Testnet3 is practically unreliable?!

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– Where’s your easy-to-use, plug-and-play, ethical alternative to these toxic trillion-dollar products?

– Thanks for asking. We’ve been paying out of pocket for years to work on it. Fancy giving us a few million to speed it up?

– No.

– How about a few thousand so we don’t starve?

– No.

– So, is it ready yet?

Why analysts are surprised and I am not?!

> America's biggest , JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup posted quarterly profits on Friday

When Grayscale reports with numbers like 194% of mined bitcoins were minted in GBTC and it coincides with Core release I expect at least +5% price jump. But it doesn't happen.

German BaFin has joined Lagarde by the way.

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