I'll be hosting a Lightning Demo night in Hong Kong on Sep 3. Let me know if there are any cool services I should show off!

China Mobile customer support. Very secure and well engineered. /s

@nolim1t Yikes. By their logic, Hong Kong isn't part of China though.

@stark By 2025 or so, it will become clear that Krugman's impact on economics has been no greater than that of a sack of rice.

The main thing that's missing on Mastadon is to trigger Paul Krugman with .

Sometimes I really feel like talking about Bitcoin at establishment events. Other times, I think it's better they don't know.

The BBC, most famous for making its TV programming unavailable to foreigners, complains that the CCP is making their writing unavailable in China.

If I get into Bitcoin Mastodon early, will I be responsible when eventually Shitcoin Mastodon becomes 10x bigger?

@mariogibney You're already getting the more out of this platform than I ever dreamed of. Toot!

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