@zechendorf I guess a part of Bitcoin related business will have to endure stupid (and less stupid?) patent litigation, like any business area.

The decentralised, fully digital and global nature of Bitcoin will, however, mean that the impact of patents will be less significant than in some other areas of business.

@lawyercrypto exactly. I am convinced Bitcoin would survive a patent shitstorm but it would slow down adoption. Like every new technology there will be stupid patent litigation especially for successful actors (i.e. actors with money that you can sue).

Who here is going to the Baltic HoneyBadger Conference in September?


any mini linux servers recommendations? i want to run one mini private server.

@Dennis @MrHodl Bitmain's valuation should give anyone at an existing chip manufacturer pause. It would be leaving money on the table if they didn't at least investigate entering a space with potential for huge profits and very few competitors.

Nvidia has been talking about crypto a lot lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were cooking something up.

I just published a "Bitcoiner's Guide to Ditching Twitter for Mastodon" video: youtu.be/P7T_LMWKx18

the thing that offends me most about mainstream interpretations of cryptocurrency is the constant conflation of bitcoiners with "blockchainers" and shitcoiners. we're usually their biggest critics. ffs

The latest episode of Noded with the bitcoin expert at VanEck is packed with info about futures, ETFs, how the VanEck proposal is different from Winklevoss, how lack of custodial infrastructure is inhibiting physical settlement of bitcoin ETFs and much more.

@pierre_rochard @bitstein

See also the latest ep of Citizen Bitcoin in which we discuss similar topics and also get into Nik Bhatia's LNRR idea:


Bitcoinhackers.org grows up so fast. We're already 1,869 users.

RTing @excellion on birdsite:

"The Bitmain IPO is incredibly risky for any investor to buy into. The potential for massive losses are just around the corner as they have no idea how to maintain BCH, but are all-in. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

Bitcoin dev Cory Fields discovered a BCH vulnerability that could have resulted in a split chain and substantial loss of funds. He responsibly(and anonymously) reported it to BCH devs and they fixed it before it could be exploited. Read this.


@stevedunn73 with segwit versioning a much more expressive scripting language (potentially, but not advisable, even turing complete) can be introduced with a soft fork, but such a change could happen only a very extensive peer review, so not anytime soon

TIL "The mastodon.social instance run by the main developer of the software, and many of the other first-established instances, are registered in France. Early surveys of the users indicated that French people were the majority. Nonetheless, English quickly became the main language used for talking on the network, even by the French."

- Sample size: 2000 american adults
- 8% of respondents own bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies
- Ownership by income bracket:
$100k+ - 7%
$50k to 75k - 11%
Less than $50k - 7%
- 41% say they will never buy bitcoin (we'll see about that)


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