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it's fun LARPing all day about being a bitcoiner but one day i will actually buy some for real

Real Bitcoiners support Bitcoin-only services. If you have these options available but you are not using them, I consider you a poser and a shitcoiner.

Any Bitcoiner using an exchange that supports BSV.... please explain yourself

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it would be good to be prepared for the moment that comes under attack, exploiting legal or other loopholes

it's not a matter of *if*, but *when*

it's a bit of a single point of failure which makes it an attractive target for people on a crusade against bitcoin

if you want to help, make mirrors (can we do something like "deterministic verifiable builds for websites"?), host the files, seed the torrents, show them what censorship resistance means

Anyone else here feel resentful when they get dragged out by family/friends to spend time with normies? Wtf we gonna talk about if its not bitcoin related? I have zero interest in hearing the latest updates on your high time preference lifestyle and fiat slave wage job.

Why didn't anyone warn me about Rich People Problems

might mess around and buy some fiat so i can remember what it feels like to be a cuck

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The censorship playbook is straight forward.
Identify critical participants and pressure them.

Our response is two fold. Reduce the ability to identify participants and reduce the importance of any specific participant.

basically gonna follow everyone except dan held (likely illegal)

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An updated list of plebs to follow (At this stage, easier to unfollow those you don't want in feed).

Save as CSV and import.

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During the dips I feel completely calm and relaxed... It's the rallies that get me flustered 👀

It feels good to be able to insta-follow all you plebs without first having to scan your profiles for shitcoining red flags 😁

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Looks like Parler might have been hacked. People using that service might be getting doxed by radical lefties. Stay safe everyone!

This dip feels like a beautiful summer storm at the end of weeks of hot weather ... nourishing the earth for crops to grow bigger and stronger
🌱 -->🌳

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For the time being I just follow everyone. Anyone smart enough to come here are my people

Special Bitcoin discount for hodlers today to honour Hal 🧡
:bitcoin: :coldcard:

dang, so many nodes still down. yet another good lesson not to become too concentrated in third party services even Tor.

for myself, I run one node over Tor (Bitcoin Core) and two other nodes not (myNode & getumbrel)

it's fun LARPing all day about being a bitcoiner but one day i will actually buy some for real

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