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"[Our] generation is moving from ownership to access, from markets to networks, from consumerism to sustainability, from market capital to social capital. It's a revolution. None of this is taught in the schools...that's why this is really a revolution"

What are the most needed apps to be developed right now?

"Waste is a crime against society more than a business loss." — Taiichi Ohno

Bitcoin adopting protip: pretend you don't have cash at bar (or if you're like me forget your wallet at home) ask your friends to pay for you in exchange for bitcoins. Wallet setup takes 5 minutes and everyone gets excited, feels like doing something naughty.

Nocoiner becomes holder.

Gradually their brain rewires.

One of us, one of us.

node is up! funding channel in progress. feel free to pair with me!
Alias == NoBankstersAllowed

023[email protected]

Old Money: get a Hahvard MBA or MIT physics phd and work on wall street. Pretend to understand economics with fancy maths equations while raping the working man with keynesian economics.

New Money: master computer science and distributed computing together with real world international trading and economics in developing nations. Be your own bank and decentralized exchange. Radical self-reliance outside of the "endorsed old school system" Self taught and ready to stick it to the man.😂

does anyone have a full image that works on raspberry pi? Stadius' guide doesn't work since the bitcoind is not compiled with ZeroMQ. would appreciate a working image as i have spent about 60 hours already and not gotten a successful LND install on my pi. very frustrating.

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Does anyone know if Google's bots and spiders can crawl and index 'followers only' and 'direct message' content stored on instances? @Gargron

Fiat arent backed by gold. Fiat are backed by guns and law of taxation. Bitcoin offers very cheap worldwide financial freedom from forced regimes.

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Please please add follow requests to notifications feed!

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