Here goes the new world (order)
Switzerland Cancels it Currency

Keep staking sats.
Keep your sage.

β€œRight now, it’s about the mask. You will take these exact same people with the exact same words and replace mask for vaccine in about the next three weeks.” β€” @adam #noagenda 1335

Every bull run, new people get excited that such-and-such celebrity is buying .


does not need their validation.
does not need their endorsement.
does not need their money.

They need .

Buying the deep is like getting high, but better. Always has been and always will.


At some point people will realize all this Jack, Elon and similar morons are trojan horses. Even when eventually they defend , they are owned by government.

Buy while you still can.
RT @TimKennedyMMA
Lumber is up 400%.
Gasoline is up 130%.
National debt is at $28.1 trillion. The 2nd largest jump in American history behind WWII.
National inflation is up 4.2%.
Buckle up... it’s going to get worse.

One day you'll wish you had bought more under 40k.

The Purge: Not just from social media, but from the entire internet

Rachel Alexander explains how big tech hopes to leave the right communicating via smoke signals

In an abundant world with brrrr'ed money, value is created by keeping others out. See stonks. See Clubhouse. See Ivy League. See prestigious institutions.

People chase and cling to value based on scarcity.

Reminds me of something else..

CDC got caught lying about the vaccines, claiming they provided a benefit to those already infected. A message tons of people have been pushing - probably because of an attempt to discount natural immunity.

In fact, while the Pfizer trials excluded people with prior infections, 1,300 managed to get included anyway. Of that subset, the % infected was identical in both vaccine and placebo groups.

I've personally caught the CDC lying about masks. So I'm not surprised.

Bitcoinism is totally distinct from the cypherpunk, libertarian, Austrian, or anarchist movements. It is a philosophical movement in its own right

We need some more design volunteers to help out with our UX Clinic at the #FOSSBackstage conference on the 12th of February! 4pm CET.

Help FOSS projects out with design advice at the UX Clinic!

More info here:

Big business works with the govt to rig the game in their favour. Central banking, nutrition, medicine, covid and more.

Bitcoin is tipping the scales back in favour of individuals, families and communities. Embrace Bitcoin.

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