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An interesting interaction between UI and security going on in this reported Samourai android wallet vuln:


That report's well written, though fairly technical. What's interesting is to look at the response by Samourai:


The first issue is addressed in patching, relating to resetting pin tries, but the second - that the encryption only has the entropy of a potentially 5 digit pin, is not.

#bitcoin #cryptography #security #android

Reasons to run a full node. Mixing technique examination, Software wallet security, Fidelity bonds, LN Primer, LN energy usage, Interest rates on LN, BTC ban vs price, CB vs BTC, trade and humanity, infra bill, BTC ownership %

Tech Talk #251


New release of Joinmarket.

Includes use of fidelity bonds (think: timelocked outputs acting as "skin in the game" to prevent Sybil attacks):


Release notes give the necessary details as usual.

#bitcoin #joinmarket #coinjoin

New paper with a survey of privacy ("mixing"; not the best term, but oh well) techniques used in Bitcoin, it looks at first glance to be worth some reading. Includes a lot of lesser known techniques. In particular, includes several that were never really implemented (including stuff on my blog like CoinjoinXT), so in that sense it's unusually thorough.


#bitcoin #coinjoin #privacy


is now merged. You can now run maker bots with fidelity bonds in Joinmarket (it's backwards compatible, so old bots just ignore the bonds). Read more at github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join

Expect a 0.9.0 release shortly.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Four years ago today, Sign Guy photobombed Janet Yellen.

On that day, the price of BTC was $2,364.32

ATMs are being installed across El Salvador in shopping centers and gas stations, in major cities and small towns.

Bitcoin Thrives on Adversity. Full RBF, Ledger malware, Taproot HD/PSBT, LN liquidity, LN gaming, CFA Franc, Money and Culture, Saylor's plan, China mining ban, Taleb facepalm and more!

Tech Talk #246


Thanks for this @pavolrusnak! Was looking for something clean and simple to visualize ⚡️ channels in the terminal for both LND and C-lightning.

Pretty easy to set up on the :
(give it a thumbs up to make it appear in the menu😉)
RT @pavolrusnak
Look, I made a thing!

Suez - a tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels.


The in El Salvador has passed! is now legal tender. Congratulations @nayibbukele. This is a victory for all humanity. 🚀

“That was does not kill Bitcoin, makes it stronger.” - Michael Saylor

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The ability to send change to a custom external address is now merged in Joinmarket master:


I'm now in the process of testing the fidelity bond PR #872 in meticulous detail (it's one of the biggest changes we've ever had so it's not going to be done lightly! But it's going very well so far).

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #151 is here:

- describes a proposal to change Bitcoin Core’s transaction selection algorithm for miner block templates to slightly increase miner profitability and give fee bumping users more collective leverage
- announces HWI 2.0.2
- announces LND 0.13.0-beta.rc3
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software


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