Onion services v2 are retiring.
It's time to migrate to onion services v3.

Here is the planned deprecation timeline:

This new idea gained a lot of support on IRC yesterday:


Basically: very short timeout for signalling, so we quit early if it doesn't work and can go on to try something else, but still a big delay between lock in and actual activation of rules on network.

h/t @harding

#bitcoin #taproot

The short answer on Bitcoin mining energy usage: It's going a lot higher, but it'll be worth it. Deal with it.

Somewhere along the way, bitcoin deniers forgot about subjective value theory. Or they mask their own preferences as some kind of objective truth (it's not).

Bitcoin Consensus and Solidarity:


I deleted a much more technical post, because it derives from this base idea: that consensus is vital but unverifiable. Our only defense is to have our signalling be open, broadly-based and sustained.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #136 is here:

- describes development of a new constant-time algorithm for generating and verifying transaction signatures
- mentions proposal to stop processing unsolicited transactions
- summarizes proposed BIP for setting up multisig wallets
- shares insight from a discussion about managing escrows over LN
- links to new discussion about bidirectional upfront LN fees
- mentions new protocol for mitigating risk of malicious hardware wallets


The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps Tor remain strong.

RT @ElectrumWallet
New users: Be careful when you copy-paste a address. There is malware that replaces bitcoin addresses in your clipboard with its own, similar-looking address. This is a simple yet effective attack, that targets all wallets. Always check a pasted bitcoin address!

If you have problems installing JoinMarket, with error message complaining about not having rust compiler, here's the fix. github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join

h/t @kristapsk .. python's cryptography package now has a rust dependency which screws up installation on some platforms, bit of a shitshow going on here:


#python #cryptography #rust

Just merged #756 in #Joinmarket which means you can now co-sign a PSBT (and broadcast, after carefully reviewing it) which spends coins in your JM wallet with other coins elsewhere (so, custom coinjoins; perhaps other use-cases, not so sure about that). I'm finding it pretty easy to use in testing (just `python wallet-tool.py walletname signpsbt <PSBT>` and read the output).
Here is a bit of docs for it: github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join

It's CLI only (for now), and segwit only but incl. p2sh.


So @kristapsk and i just did presumably the first joinmarket coinjoin on signet:


(the ease of use of this testnet cf testnet3 will doubtless be very helpful to us and other projects ... even setting aside the new taproot stuff, which will obviously be important in the future).

#Joinmarket #bitcoin

There’s a chance you could lose all your money investing in . But keep it in fiat and you’ll lose it all for certain.

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