The in El Salvador has passed! is now legal tender. Congratulations @nayibbukele. This is a victory for all humanity. 🚀

“That was does not kill Bitcoin, makes it stronger.” - Michael Saylor

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The ability to send change to a custom external address is now merged in Joinmarket master:

I'm now in the process of testing the fidelity bond PR #872 in meticulous detail (it's one of the biggest changes we've ever had so it's not going to be done lightly! But it's going very well so far).

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #151 is here:

- describes a proposal to change Bitcoin Core’s transaction selection algorithm for miner block templates to slightly increase miner profitability and give fee bumping users more collective leverage
- announces HWI 2.0.2
- announces LND 0.13.0-beta.rc3
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

Helped my daughter with school presentation about (topic was her choice, nothing to do with me). Wife listened and said "ohh, finally I understand what you are talking about". Should I try to write book "Bitcoin for teenagers" to learn how to explain things simpler? :)

BREAKING: Dinosaurs unhappy about impending asteroid strike.

gitian builders, it's that time again 😀

bitcoin core 0.21.1 release candidate 1 (v0.21.1rc1) has been tagged and this tutorial for building gitian sigs just updated

SLP268 @peterktodd Should Signal Have Used Instead?

We chat:
- MobileCoin centralisation
- Tradeoffs of using Bitcoin and Lightning instead
- The future for private messaging

Why is so difficult to get?

1) there's little we can relate to and requires the understanding of different disciplines

2) FUD around it

3) a complex creature which is at the same time:
- a p2p network
- a currency/asset
- an open source software

Solution? DYOR

I just got called "crypto racist" during live video in Latvian. New term for Bitcoin maximalism / shitcoin minimalism. :)

In this PR @kristapsk makes an interesting point (as best I understand it) - what if the receiver in a payjoin contributes an unconfirmed utxo? BIP78 doesn't mention it afaik. Perhaps something should be added in regard to this?

@NicolasDorier @kukks thoughts?

#bitcoin #payjoin

An open letter in support of Richard M. Stallman.
Let's defend free software from totalitarian, violent and retarded US-centric identity politics.

Got an e-mail from BitMEX about old deposit transaction (last summer) that "may be connected with activity that is against 1.1(a) of the HDR Terms of Service.", it was JoinMarket coinjoin.

Diversifying into altcoins makes about as much sense as diversifying into different metals during the gold stardard.

"Let's get some brass, nickle and rhodium just in case"

Stick with .

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