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If you are interested in both Tails and @joinmarket, here's a project you could pick up, haven't been updated since 2016. github.com/JoinMarket-Org/tail

😬 After I asked on Twitter "What is a coinjoin?" I got @waxwing to read the answers and filmed he's reaction.

He covered
- sats don't exist
- unequal amount CJs
- syphilis
- Sats can't be traced to a coinbase
- CoinJoin done right
And more


Guess I will finally move away from Gmail to something self-hosted. Wanted to do it for some time, but have never been a top priority. osnews.com/story/134465/google

The simplest and most efficient usage nicely distilled down in this thread:
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1. Send to joinmarket wallet
2. Sweep mix to another address in joinmarket
3. Run as maker
4. Send with cj to cold storage after few rounds as maker

My daughter have saved some euros and asked for . She wants to buy the dip! :)

Not sure if I saw this before, but: an interesting listing of p2p exchanges, including whether they are KYC:



Some ideas on how to improve ricochet (technique to defend against blockchain analysis by adding additional hops between your wallet and centralized entity) privacy, which I plan to implement. Any comments or maybe additional ideas are welcome. github.com/kristapsk/bitcoin-s

h/t stacker news again:


Basically 'reusable payment codes' based on a similar idea to what we used in SNICKER, and earlier in the 'stealth address' stuff (incl BIP47), namely the whole shared secret to calculate a tweaked address.

It's specifically #taproot due to bare public key.

As I commented there, it turns out that different variants of this idea might be more or less optimal for different use cases (donations vs say customer payments).


while (( $(date +"%s") < $(date -d "2021-12-31 21:13:19" +"%s") )); do sleep 0.1s; done; mplayer Lord_of_the_Rings_Two_towers_Ext_2002_1080p_BluRay_QEBS5_AAC51_PS3_MP4-FASM.mp4

I have set up my own SatSale instance for those who want to donate for development. Tippin_me is still ok, but this one now is preferred, also adds onchain support. donate.kristapsk.lv/

"I think PHP is a great language, but that's just my two cents"

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Interesting story here, h/t @kristapsk , apparently latest openssl has in some sense 'deprecated' RIPEMD160 (which is used in creating legacy bitcoin addresses), in the sense that it won't be available in the default configuration of the newest openssl.

openssl is one of those scary things you try hard to not use because it's a bunch of dependency cruft.

But ! In python, hashlib is apparently using it under the hood ... (1/2)

New blog post, details about idea I mentioned a week or two back. Think "steganographic, decentralized, market based coinjoin".


#bitcoin #coinjoin

Would appreciate #joinmarket testers of PR #1000 ; it's a working implementation of message channels over c-lightning (but don't worry it's bundled so you don't have to install it separately; you just need to do the usual `./install.sh` but `--with-ln-messaging` added as option. There is a directory node that's configured already there and there are two bots on signet so you can try to do a transaction if you get it set up.

PR: github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join


& Politics. Simplicity gets Schnorr, Understanding BTC privacy, CoinOS, LN Size, Charge per download, LN Liquidity for Routers, Umbrel release, SEC regs, ETH central bank, Altcoin sync tests, Arrest of fluffy and more!


An interesting interaction between UI and security going on in this reported Samourai android wallet vuln:


That report's well written, though fairly technical. What's interesting is to look at the response by Samourai:


The first issue is addressed in patching, relating to resetting pin tries, but the second - that the encryption only has the entropy of a potentially 5 digit pin, is not.

#bitcoin #cryptography #security #android

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