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My latest article! This time writing for @twentyoneism ! What a fantastic bunch of people to be a part of!

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Block04 Featuring this absolutely KILLER line-up:


Pods by: @princey1976 @johnkvallis @rebelmoneyart @mtcbtc @MaxBitBuyBit @selfbankt @hodlerthanthou

Really considering going to Miami! Either with the family or with my brother. Thinking of staying about 2 weeks in the US. What should I do besides the conference? Ideas?

I've just started a telegram channel for my stuff. Follow if you don't want to miss anything. Lots of stuff coming this week and next

"HyperBitcoinization is not improbable, but inevitable."

"This monetary revolution will usher in a new paradigm of self-sovereignty, government limitation, and economic empowerment."

Hyperbitcoinization. The path to becoming the world’s dominant form of money
by William Clemente III


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Bday gift a few day before the birthday!

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I didn't like Donald Trump
I don't like Joe Biden
I don't like either side in my country either
I like

Donald Trump: admittedly a great internet troll, maybe the greatest, but politically a complete failure.

The most awesome thing of the whole presidency, storming the Congress: he distanced himself from it.

The only possible final fireworks, the juicy pardons: not even one.

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No Assange, Snowden, or Ulbricht.

Just discovered this series by @knutsvanholm, @TheCryptoconomy, and Ioni Appelberg.

Good storytelling approach that communicates important orange-pilling concepts and reinforces the bitcoiner's own convictions.

Posting here to remember.

1. "Everything there is, divided by 21 Million"


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@swedetoshi @knutsvanholm @FractalEncrypt @Hodlonaut The book is damn good. I had to put weights on it just to keep people from stealing it!

Is there an easy way of importing your follow list from twitter to mastodon?

The great @IoniAppelberg has made a fantastic video from my @ctdl21 article "Deeper down the rabbit hole" read by @TheCryptoconomy

: Everything there is, divided by 21 million

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