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Bitcoin And The Separation of Money And State.

"Whoever controls the money supply controls the world. The words “In God We Trust,” printed on every dollar bill in existence, gives a clue to how fooled we’ve been."

Written by @knutsvanholm.

is a rejection of faith based scarcity claims. Financial atheism. I know many view it as a religion, but I think our current system is more analogous to one. It's a cult. We were all acolytes of the church of fiat before we found a way out through math and praxeology.

For those who want to stay updated on my projects - Here's my telegram channel:

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is NOT

- Bad for the environment
- Ban-able
- Affected much by shitcoinery
- For criminals
- A fad
- Replaceable
- Replicable
- Hackable
- "Too volatile"
- Vulnerable to Quantum computing
- Owned by the miners
- Susceptible to 51% attacks
- Involuntary
- Political

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Right now, you're living through a process called "hyperbitcoinization"

It's a weird event in which the human race changes from being governed to being sovereign

This is the first phase, in which 's price cycle seems absurd

It will get weirder

Let’s gooo! Flat cleaning with a good podcast in the headphones makes everything 100% better.
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Ok, Twitter, time for another ep drop!

Today's guests on the show are the dynamic duo of @knutsvanholm and @breedlove22 .

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Ok, Twitter, time for another ep drop!

Today's guests on the show are the dynamic duo of @knutsvanholm and @breedlove22 .

This is going to be good!
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Recorded with @knutsvanholm and @breedlove22 last night.

Show working title.

My Two Chads.

I've been getting rid of my fiat. Why? A currency is never supposed to be cheaper to produce than the stuff you can buy with it.
You can't store value in fiat.

In that respect, it's a failure (at least forever). It was taken over by central banking sociopathic amoebas long ago.

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"Bitcoin is a reflection of how fooled we've been." -@knutsvanholm

Watch the full episode of Swan Signal Live with Knut and Robert Breedlove (@breedlove22) here:

Switzerland consumes about as much electricity as the network!

It's an environmental disaster!

We should ban the use of Switzerland immediately!

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