Just in case YouTube starts censoring my content or locks my account.
Here some of the interviews on
The KeyvanDavani Connection Show-
with @adam3us, @JeffBooth, @Erikcason, @foss_sammy, @dergigi, @knutsvanholm ,
& many other Bitcoiners.

SLP304 @knutsvanholm Is The Infinity Meme Wrong?

Knut and I chat:
- Why you are not prepared
- hyperbitcoinisation and what it might look like
- infinity meme - is it right?


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We can't wait!🌋

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"Throughout recorded history, religion and power have been inexorably linked. But now offers a beacon of hope." - @knutsvanholm


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On the subject of this time around!

Thank you for making this happen @IoniAppelberg and @TheGuySwann , I absolutely love being in the same band as you guys!


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Today, I left the office at my former day job for good

On Saturday I'm flying to the bitcoinstandardconference.com where I'll be on appearing on a bunch of panels with @UglyOldGoat1 @giacomozucco @jimmysong @ToneVays @TheGuySwann and many others

After that, I'm all in on

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Guys! We should rename the protcol!

HFSP is much more in line with the other protocol names

Plus it will be easier to separate it from the currency that way twitter.com/dustinwatchman/sta

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You, the Bitcoiner, is the most important component of

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"Sustainable mining"
Wrong problem, wrong angle

miners are producing and maintaining the most sustainable asset ever discovered

An asset with the potential to make literally everything else sustainable

Rapid adoption fixes sustainability, the status quo prevents it

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The land of the free and home of the brave is no longer a physical country

The Bitcoin Standard Conference
This august, in Mexico 🇲🇽
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Bitcoin Legal Tender: Should It Be Embraced Or Abolished? Panelists: @jimmysong @GrassFedBitcoin @TheGuySwann @mir_btc @joakimbook
Moderator: @ToneVays
This should be good. Don't miss it! bitcoinstandardconference.com

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The left is not right and there's no right left

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