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My learning journey has gone exponential over the past few years…definitely a game changer for a new outlook on life itself. These two men had a huge impact on that. Thanks @knutsvanholm @breedlove22


Here's to those who HODL.
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went $43,000 to $19,000 in the last six months.

77.7% of all did not even move 💎🙌 t.co/pgZAV1O0VQ

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Loved this too much not to clip it
Only sense and arithmetic from @knutsvanholm
$21M is bearish 🌈🐻
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“This Is How Trust Changes on a Standard”… clip from my most recent conversation with @knutsvanholm

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Entire video here 👇🏼


This is also one of my favorite books. Played a big role during my journey down the rabbit hole. Now available in Spanish, AND with a new cover. Thanks @knutsvanholm!
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One of my favourite books is now available in Spanish 🇪🇸

Paperbacks are on their way to our distributor. Shipping expected to begin 1/10.

Outside of Europe, get it directly from Amazon (available now). See below for the links 👇

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This turned out pretty well!

If you want a condensed version of what I'm thinking right now, this is probably it. Enjoy!


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More than 10 000 people have now seen my latest conversation with @breedlove22 on YouTube!

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My appearance on Freedom Footprint podcast!

We talk about my book Abundance Through Scarcity and the significance of for the future of human civilization. @knutsvanholm @omnifinn


In our latest episode, @knutsvanholm joins me for another deep conversation on the nature of time, money, evolution, and the implications of on virtually everything in the sphere of humanity!


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Selling books at @hodlhodl honey badger conf with @knutsvanholm

Thank you @KonsensusN !

Missed the live last night? Here is the recording. Available in audio version on Spotify, Apple and @fountain_app fountain.fm/episode/9673359418 @knutsvanholm @BtcPseudoFinn @omnifinn
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Freedom Footprint #1 - Bitcoin Infinity Day Launch Party twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1LyGB

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Get ready for ! We'll go live with @knutsvanholm, @omnifinn and @BtcPseudoFinn to talk about philosophy & make some big announcements.

For one, our collaboration with @getmash to release our 1st eBook! (♾/21M)

Support your local Spacecat.
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I'm donating the #1 of 3 Artist Proof version of the Bitcoin Infinity Public Key to help my brother @Hodlonaut in his cause!

#2 of 3 went to @saylor
#3 of 3 to @knutsvanholm

#1 of 3 can be yours.

I knew I kept this for something important. twitter.com/scarcedotcity/stat

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