2/ The examples are based in the Bitcoin , python-bitcoin-utils (github.com/karask/python-bitco) that I have created for purposes while teaching Bitcoin programming for some years now at University of Nicosia and later also at Aristotle University.

It is work in progress but the book has already quite substantive material.If you would like to contribute feel free to make a PR (and provide just text, if latex is not to your liking, and I will adjust appropriately).

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1/ Happy to announce my free book licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

The book aims to help start Bitcoin programming but it is not intended for complete beginners. Still, the introductory chapters attempt to summarize what you need to know to progress with the rest of the material.

It aims to be a practical guide and thus is full of examples either in the command-line or using programs.

The (github.com/karask/python-bitco) version v0.4.7 is now updated (less technical debt) and includes more examples.

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