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Today's video is an absolute BEAST. Deep dive on @SparrowWallet including creating a hot wallet, cold wallet with @Trezor, multisig with @ledger @CoboVault & @COLDCARDwallet, plus connecting to your own node with either @mynodebtc or @getumbrel.


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Build your Fully air gapped bitcoin computer for under $30 !!

Even for the most technically retarted like myself, with this amazing guide 👇👇and a little patience from @parman_the anything’s possible 💪

self sovereignty is empowering 🌍


The cumulative return on bitcoin is so large it looks fake.

We haven’t even started yet.

Kleptocrats faces will melt.

Coindesk peppers call outs to people with big followers- just so they promote this shit ?
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. @RaoulGMI: What if the IMF creates a rival Scarcity Coin to ?


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bitcoinerjobs.co is now live!!

Companies - free to post job ads, helping you engage with true Bitcoiners from day 1

Candidates - cut through the "crypto" noise and get straight to the projects that matter

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Fed still hasn't clarified what happened w/Fedwire yesterday apart from confirming there was a disruption due to "operational error."

Without real info, there's no way to tell either what happened or any spillover potential (beyond UST trading today)

Listening to this conversation makes me feel like bitcoin twitter is turning into mainstream media of bitcoin unicorn and rainbows.

More people need to be cognizant of how serious of a threat bitcoin is to the current global kleptocracy.
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Enjoy this fantastic deep down the rabbit hole episode with Dave Collum, Erik Cason, & Eric Voskuil.
@DavidBCollum, @Erikcason, @evoskuil

- vs. Nation-States & Centra…

BREAKING: @apple has just announced a hardware that will have Apple Pay and Apple Card integration! 🚀 🤩 😳

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The O.G. Class of 2013 and Pleb Class of 2017 would like to welcome the Noob Class of 2021 to Twitter! 🍻😂


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Our buy service is expanding due to significant demand

We're welcoming clients from Tennessee, Colorado, and Kansas to buy bitcoin directly to cold storage multisignature with keys that you control

A better way to buy bitcoin unchained-capital.com/buy-bitc

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With soaring past $50K, imagine waiting for an ETF before getting off zero 😂 LIVE at 3pm MT


50k Bitcoin Blows Minds As First North American ETF Goes Live

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BREAKING: New tape of FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg released by Project Veritas

"I Share Some Caution on this [Vaccine] Because We Just Don't Know the Long-Term Side Effects of Basically Modifying People's DNA and RNA"

This statement is a violation of his own platform's new policy

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Just a casual conversation with my friend @Scaramucci discussing the greatest short squeeze humanity will ever see.

Cheers to @bitcoinmagazine for hosting!

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Provocative article in today’s FT:

“Bitcoin isn’t so much a bubble as ‘the last functioning fire alarm’ warning us of some very big geopolitical changes ahead.”


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What is a SIM swap & how can you protect yourself? Learn the information you need today & share it with a friend! aantonop.io/simprotect

Bitcoin is authentic vindication.

No ‘told you so’ required.

Transcending gravity says it all.
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the person in every group:

"look, I hate to say I told you so but..."

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