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Build your Fully air gapped bitcoin computer for under $30 !!

Even for the most technically retarted like myself, with this amazing guide 👇👇and a little patience from @parman_the anything’s possible 💪

self sovereignty is empowering 🌍

@kisbitcoin My first cold storage wallet was a Raspberry Pi Zero.

@verretor @kisbitcoin Nice. Mine was an original RPi (v1) that I wasn't using for anything else any more.

@harding @kisbitcoin Did you use QR codes to scan transactions?

I had a cheap webcam that I only ever used with that RPi to scan QR codes. If a transaction was too large, I had to split it.

It was a painful process.

@verretor @kisbitcoin I had an even more painful process than that: I transferred everything by re-typing it. It actually wasn't that bad because, for most of the life of the wallet, the only transaction I made was a small test transaction. The rest was just getting the occasional new address to receive funds.

What finally got me to upgrade to a better setup was trying to sell my bcash forkcoins. That took me four hours in a room with all the blinds shut, no mobile phone, fans running, etc.

@harding @kisbitcoin Omg. Same reason for me. I still had that wallet in 2017.

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