Learn To Setup @SpecterWallet Multi Signature

✅ What is Multi Signature ?
✅ Add Multi-Sig Devices
🔷We use 2 @COLDCARDwallet + core hot wallet
✅ Export Multi-Sig XPUBS on Coldcard
✅ Creating Multi-Sig Wallets
✅ Using Multi-Sig Wallets


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Today's video is an absolute BEAST. Deep dive on @SparrowWallet including creating a hot wallet, cold wallet with @Trezor, multisig with @ledger @CoboVault & @COLDCARDwallet, plus connecting to your own node with either @mynodebtc or @getumbrel.


Plug and Play Full Node

How to use @nodl_it DOJO (@SamouraiWallet )
PT-3 : Electrum Server

✅ Use @ElectrumWallet privately


སྔ་དྲོ་བདེ་ལེགས། - Time to buy .

Learn how to use @Blockstream Green Wallet.

A mobile wallet that uses 2 of 2 Multi-Signature setup for increased user security.

✅ Setup a wallet
✅ Overview of options and settings
✅ Setup 2FA
✅ Making transactions


‘In a sense, the issuers have been bought by the NFT sale to work on behalf of the altcoin. In other words, these NFTs are bribes. Artists are being exploited to give credence to the platform, in much the same way that startups were with ICOs’ @jimmysong


How To Setup Core Full Node

✅Download + Install
✅ Why Full Node on Main Computer❓
✅Setup + Overview
✅Editing Configuration File
✅How to do RPCauth correctly


Learn To Use @SpecterWallet

✅ What is Specter Wallet ?
✅ Download + Install
✅ Setup + Overview
✅ Connect to @nodl_it ★Full Node★
✅ Adding Devices @COLDCARDwallet
✅ Creating Wallets
✅ Transacting Single Sig


Achieve enterprise level security with a @Coldcard hardware wallet in HSM mode.

❓What is ckbunker ?
✅Mobile Cold Wallet Policy w/ @FullyNoded
✅Sign Transactions
✅Multi-sig Policy
✅ Delete HSM Policy
✅More Use Cases


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Build your Fully air gapped bitcoin computer for under $30 !!

Even for the most technically retarted like myself, with this amazing guide 👇👇and a little patience from @parman_the anything’s possible 💪

self sovereignty is empowering 🌍


How To Use @FullyNoded 🎦

✅Setup-Connect Bitcoin Core
✅Create Hot Wallet
✅Create Watch Only Wallet with @COLDCARDwallet
✅Sending Transactions


The cumulative return on bitcoin is so large it looks fake.

We haven’t even started yet.

Kleptocrats faces will melt.

Learn How To Install @torproject Service on Mac -Linux - Windows.

Tor will help you preserve your privacy when interacting with .


Coindesk peppers call outs to people with big followers- just so they promote this shit ?
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. @RaoulGMI: What if the IMF creates a rival Scarcity Coin to ?


Had a friend use @fold_app Card last night at dinner.

Watches 2 others at the table get Orange pilled in 5 min flat.

I’ve never seen 🧠 💡 so fast.

Learn How To Use @COLDCARDwallet.

✅Firmware Upgrade
✅New Wallet
✅Airgapped transaction with @ElectrumWallet 🥶

💰Use Promo code KIS for discount💰


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In case it wasn't already abundantly obvious, the IBC Dubai "100,000 Bitcoin Pledge" from @_ArabWhale (an Indian guy who lives in Dubai) is a marketing scam.

@FrancisSuarez they are wasting your time.

@YahooFinance and @decryptmedia should be embarrassed for running stories.


Strive to better understand continuously.

This effort will improve every aspect of your life, I guarantee it.

For the contrarian out there , please prove me wrong.

I’ll wait.

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