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LA County is now 7th among US states in population adjusted Covid deaths, despite 11 months of mask mandates, capacity restrictions, closures, and unending “mitigations” recommended by local and national “experts”

So I will ask for the millionth time, why did it not work?

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Keynesian mindset: money is for spending, method of payment, therefore fiat/altcoins are superior
Austrian mindset: money is for saving, store of value, therefore is superior

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Bitcoin is the only technology that allows you to convert Janet Mnuchin, Christine Powell, Jay Lagarde, Mario Yellen, and Steve Draghi into noises inconsequential to your life.

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Dual-fed HashHut turning methane (that would have otherwise been flared/vented into the atmosphere) into digital scarcity.

When looking at the environmental ROI per $ invested, mining on flare gas is likely THE most environmentally beneficial initiative in the 🌏 today.

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Breaking: America’s most progressive senator opposes progress. twitter.com/squawkcnbc/status/

High school is literally a waste of time. “Extending compulsory schooling in England to ages 14-16...failed to increase adult longevity..., dwelling values, or...social status”. “Compulsory schooling ages 14-16 had no effect...on social outcomes”. lse.ac.uk/Economic-History/Ass

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MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~328 bitcoins for ~$15.0 million in cash at an average price of ~$45,710 per . As of 3/1/2021, we ~90,859 bitcoins acquired for ~$2.186 billion at an average price of ~$24,063 per bitcoin. $MSTR


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My opinion of bitcoin. Bullish! A lot more upside.

What about the Paul Singer's that want to say "I told you so?"

5 times bitcoin correct 70% or more. 5 times Singer gloated and said it. 5 times it made a new high. Will likely happen again. My bet is not this pullback


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$1.9 trillion / 328.2 million people = $5,789.15

The $1,400 is a scam.

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The only way to win a rigged game is to stop playing along.

The more governments manipulate markets, the more people will choose the only free market that remains.


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Only sheeple need to be led— told what to do and how to think.

This guy is checking people with a lint roller.

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