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*How to connect Electrum directly to your full node.

If you can, but you don't... you should have your head examined!

how to confirm that i'm pruning my full node...

shows-- "prune -false"

and my memory is quickly running out...


i wonder why @aantonop really tried to emphasize
this *inaccurate* point 🤔...
many wallets use 12 words, like the @Trezor T...
and I think everyone agrees -
128 bits of entropy is secure, right ?...

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A reminder to STOP RUNNING versions of bitcoin affected by CVE-2018-17144 A.S.A.P.: these are:
- 0.14.0 to 0.16.2
- 0.17.0rc1 to 3

Upgrade to 0.16.3 if possible!

A patched 0.14 version is underway, v0.17.0rc4 and v0.15.2 have been tagged, binaries are coming—for now use the branch or apply one-line patch

Any altcoins/forks based on this code should also apply the above patch ASAP and do a release! The importance of this cannot be overstated.

in Riga 4 BHB ?...
"Riga Bitcoin meetup"

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I fully expect to be physically attacked at some point, either due to a rabid nocoiner (the wealth transfer will be very uncomfortable... for them) or just a low tier criminal.

that's why I work out, run, and am actively looking into personal protection.

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Wasabi Wallet v0.9.1 (Beta 3) is released.
It simplifies the installation process (Tor comes built in) and includes minor bug fixes. Many thanks for @manfred_karrer for pointing to the right direction on Tor.

is M-of-N all we can do...
problems - privacy & collusion
H + (M-of-N) ; where H is the main hodler...
would solve the 2 previous problems...

any ideas?... 🤗

w/ poster
what u think...
imagine your a normie --
would u wanta go...

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I'm in Riga 😊
if anyone wants to meetup...

ps. what a beautiful city !

18 Attacks in the 1st 8 months of 2018 😞 ...

specifically-target Bitcoiners !...

that's 1 attack every 2 weeks...

be safe friends! 🤗

@lopp repo -

Protonmail now has short, free handles, like this...

[email protected]
nice 🤗

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Why would someone trust nerd currency versus central bank money? Geeks brought you computers. Banks gave you the Great Depression.

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